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Alpenhitze™ Sales Terms and Conditions

Important Alpenhitze™ terms of purchase and conditions of sale for ordering a custom fitted Polartec dog coat.

As of 2019 Alpenhitze™ custom dog coats are no longer available. Alpenhitze™ brand est. 2005, logo, patterns, fabrication technique and assistance is for sale should someone want to take over this line. Use the contact form on any page for more information.

This is an archived page for reference only.

Visit this page for more information and the link to our jZ Canine website. Than you:)

About Alpenhitze™:
Alpenhitze™ coats began as a vision in 2003 to create a top quality winter coat for our hard to fit breed. Using only high end fabric, notions & components, Alpenhitze™ coats now keep our canine companions safe and warm worldwide. Our decision to expand Alpenhitze™ to all breeds has been met with overwhelming success. Recent orders have shipped to New Zealand, Australia & Switzerland, as well as the USA & Canada.

Payments are processed at jZ Canine with a secure HTTPS encrypted shopping cart. We also accept PayPal payments and you don't need a PayPal account to place an order and you can take advantage of PayPal's "pay later" program. Major credit cards are accepted, additionally, those with a PayPal account may also use their PayPal balance.

Alternative payments by check/ money order are accepted. Please contact me by visiting our Contact Page located in the top navigation menu or by calling 508-538-1150 any time.

Once we receive your order:
Alpenhitze™ coats are custom cut to specific measurements per order, this assures a coat that will fit your dog. All coats are built in our shop on our new line of Consew industrial sewing machines. Edging is sewn with an industrial bias binder to achieve a professional finish. Please allow 5 to 10-days for us to cut and assemble your coat.

Coats are built here in Mattapoisett, MA. We do not out source production to cut cost! Your Alpenhitzeâ„¢ dog coat will ship directly from all-about-Great-Danes/ jZ Canine. United States orders ship USPS Priority 2 to 3-day Box. Canadian, United Kingdom, and International orders ship USPS International Priority 6 to 10-days. (Add 2 to 4-weeks to this estimate if ordered during our busy season - See "Delivery" below)

Total delivery time from your initial order to your door step will vary per your geographic location and is typically between *7 to 15-days for U.S. locations. Delivery to Canada is generally 10-20 days, however, we have no control over delays due to Customs. *(Add 2 to 4-weeks to this time during our busy season, November to February)

* This is a very small shop building one of a kind coats per order and during the US Winter season, (November to February), delivery times may increase depending on order volume. Best advice is if at all possible, order early or "off season" as we may also decline new sales if coat production becomes back logged.

Orders will be processed within 48-hours. We will notify you via e-mail when this has occurred (both US and Canadian orders). If within 14-days of our notification e-mail you have not yet received your item, let us know and we will promptly get back to you with updated information and/or order tracking numbers.

Our commitment to you:
Alpenhitze™ is a custom fitted, one of a kind coat of the best fabric, material, and craftsmanship available. Over a year of planning, passion, and many prototypes have gone into the design.

We did not design Alpenhitze™ based on cost. A low price, low quality coat was not our goal. The result is an ultimate winter dog jacket you will be proud to offer your loving companion. Designed originally for our Danes to provide warmth, safety and health to the giants we cherish. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Discrepancies & Returns:
Every effort has been made to accurately reflect jacket and trim colors, this is a difficult task due to the vast difference in operating systems, browsers & screen resolutions. Rest assured, our designers with over 50-years combined experience have an eye for fashion. Therefore, we cannot offer a refund based on color.

To avoid size problems, please provide the required measurements when ordering as accurately as possible and DO NOT add to measurements for "good measure". If for some reason there is a size issue other than order error, or you're just not happy with the fit, we will gladly work with you to resolve the problem. If you ordered in err, we will provide an estimate of charges to modify the coat so it fits.

When returning a coat, each party is responsible for shipping, i.e., you pay to ship it here, we'll pay to ship it back. Do NOT send a coat back prior to contacting us and receiving an RMA number.

If there is a problem with your coat, you must contact us via e-mail within 72-hours of receipt of your coat to make a claim. We will forward further instruction and request additional info to determine the cause of the problem at this time.

Buy with confidence:
With thousands of Alpenhitze™ coats shipped worldwide, only a handful were returned for alterations. Most coats were for non-Dane breeds with which the buyers made an error on top line measurement. We've even had an 8 year old coat come back to be refurbished! How's that for a return on investment?!