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Our Best Dog Insurance Top Picks

Our best dog insurance picks for 2018 are the result of an extensive side by side comparison of consumer ratings, cost vs. benefits vs. overall coverage, and out of pocket expense.

Our top three best dog insurance picks for 2016 are based on the following criteria..

  • •  Affordability.
  • •  Customization of policy deductables & co-pays.
  • •  Genetic & hereditary conditions.
  • •  Yearly or per incident maximums (Caps).
  • •  Pay out structure.
  • •  Customer service.
  • •  Client reviews & feedback.

Top two plans pay for major illnesses and injuries so you're not forced to "make a choice" due to financial constraints. We're all aware about the cost of yearly routine medical bills when we bought our dogs so did not use routine care as a benchmark. However, our first pick for 2016 has the option to cover routine care for a slightly higher premium.

It's things like bloat, hip dysplasia, ligament tears, cancers, diseases, cardiomyopathy and catastrophic injuries that will cost you dearly both emotionally & financially. These unexpected expenses are what all pet owners fear. Since Great Danes as a breed in general can be riddled with health issues, we highly recommend some sort of medical insurance and published this page to share the best dog insurance plans available for 2016.

You can receive a no obligation quote at all three of these insurers, and read additional info at their websites.

Best Dog Insurance Pick #1 Recommendation

Dog insurance and cat insurance from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. Get pet insurance reviews. Compare pet insurance plans.

With a rating of 9.2 out of 10 of 5,000 policyholders surveyed, Embrace Pet Insurance holds an A+ BBB rating.

Embrace ranks our #1 best dog insurance because in addition to accident & illness coverage, you may cover your dog for routine exams, vaccinations & prescriptions. Yes, your premium will be higher, but these routine expenses can cost a ton for a Great Dane.

There's also an accident only plan which protects you from major medical costs in times of tragedy. You may set your annual maximum payout, deductable and co-insurance to a limit that best suits your needs.

Whether you decide to insure for accidents, illnesses, diagnostic tests or opt for more expensive full coverage, your plan is fully customizable to suit your budget.

  • •  Embrace Covers genetic and breed specific conditions, i.e., bloat!
  • •  Covers hip dysplasia.
  • •  Wellness & routine care coverage (optional).
  • •  Covers cancer treatment & chronic conditions.
  • •  Alternative therapies and rehabilitation.
  • •  Rx Drug coverage, dental rewards & wellness rewards (optional)
  • •  Annual policy limit is yearly not "per incident".
  • •  Max payout annually $5,000, $10,000 or $15,000.
  • •  Max lifetime payout $50,000.

Embrace Pet Insurance provides a solid level of protection and allows you to select coverages which affects the monthly premium and keeps your budget in check. Underwritten by RLI Insurance which has an A+ rating from A.M. Best., there should be zero issues with claim reimbursement for the life of your pet.

Best Dog Insurance #2 Suggestion

Dog insurance and cat insurance from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. Get pet insurance reviews. Compare pet insurance plans.

with a rating of ranks 9.8 out of 10 of 2,500 policyholders surveyed, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance covers accidents, illnesses & injuries only. Healthy Paws was listed as our second pick but it's actually a toss up for #1. The fact that routine coverage is not available while not important to us, may matter to many. Due to this limitation we listed it second.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is an awesome plan that pays actual veterinary costs for services at either 70, 80, or 90% (after deductible) depending on the plan you choose. Many competitor's plans use "Usual & Customary" schedules for payouts that are often lower than the actual Vet bill!

  • •  Healthy Paws Pet Insurance has a 50, 100, 250 or $500 annual deductible.
  • •  Co-pay amount of 10, 20 or 30% after your deductible, depending on your plan.
  • •  Healthy Paws covers genetic, congenital & breed specific conditions, i.e., bloat!
  • •  Covers hip dysplasia if not pre existing and you enroll your dog before age 6.
  • •  Covers cancer treatment & chronic conditions (nothing pre existing is covered).
  • •  Covers all illness, injury, accidents and non routine veterinary care.
  • •  NO wellness or routine care coverage available.
  • •  Unlimited per incident, annual and lifetime payout.
  • •  Payout based on your actual veterinary bill not a usual & customary fee schedule!
  • •  The only US pet insurer with unlimited benefits!

Founded in 2010 and underwritten by Chubb Group, with an A+ AM Best rating and a BBB rating of A-, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is a solid plan with an estimated 200,000 policies in force. Another unique feature of this insurer is you can use the Healthy Paws App to file claims. Eliminating paper work makes for speedy reimbursement and many clients state claims were processed within a day or two.

Best Pick #3 Insurance Alternative Discount Plan

Pet Assure Logo

Simple savings here, save 25% on any veterinary expense with Pet Assure Discount Coverage. The only caveat, you must obtain services from a participating veterinary provider.

Pet Assure has been around since 1995, has a BBB A+ rating and over 150,000 members. Pay 75% of your participating veterinary bill with a Pet Assure low monthly premium plan.

No age limit, no waiting period, no exclusions. Pretty simple, agree? While this type of plan is not for everyone it made our best dog insurance list as an easy, straight forward plan to save 25%.


While we've spent countless hours reviewing numerous health insurance plans, it's important that you do some research on your own. If you have ever shopped for dog medical insurance or any kind of insurance, you know about the the fine print.

For additional dog health insurance facts, don't miss "in text" links and "related articles" on our Great Dane Health main page.

These terms and conditions define coverage's, exclusions, pre-existing conditions, elective procedures, waiting periods, payout caps, yearly caps, per occurrence allowances, breed specific surcharges "i.e., Great Danes", older dog limitations and more. Please take ample time to understand your coverage.