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Bloat With Torsion a First Hand Account

Bloat happened, just about midnight one late Spring evening, Bruiser was hit by this life threatening illness! Read more..

Bruiser's battle with bloat, a first hand account of this Great Dane killer.

Black Great Dane laying in recovery post bloat and stomach tacking surgery.

Everything was normal and "as usual", which is so common with bloat, then things turn on a dime! Approaching without warning, hitting quickly and taking swiftly from us our giant companions. Honestly, we always thought, "this will never happen to us", yet in one quick twist of fate.. It happened!

Our Bruiser, the inspiration to and everything we have accomplished here on line was struck down without warning, rushed to emergency surgery, and spent weeks recovering from emergency gastropexy. Thankfully I was home at the time, knew the warning signs and was able to act quick. Had I waited just 1 hour, Bruiser would have died.

On that night everything seemed so normal, until I noticed Bruiser didn't return from outdoors and had to go looking for him. I don't know why, you would figure a dog, suffering and in pain would retreat to its family, home and bed. This as I've found is often not the case with bloat and it's apparent that some instinctual behavior kicks in. Perhaps that of wild dogs and for a sick dog to distance itself from the pack as not to call attention of preditors?

I've heard similar accounts from others whose dogs have bloated. For example, a story from a fellow Dane owner remembering her nightmare and explaining.. "He actually dug himself a hole in the woods and was laying in it when I went out to find him".

Bloat is the number one killer of our beloved Danes!

We now know the dangers of bloat first hand and promise to further research and publish more about this dreadful illness for all who visit our website. We've also reviewed a half dozen pet health insurance plans and have published a section on Great Dane health insurance. At least with a good insurance plan, you may be able to save your Dane without getting hit with a nearly five thousand dollar out-of-pocket veterinary bill like I did. Or, have to make the difficult decision to put your Dane down because the cost of surgery is not affordable. New articles discussing the pros & cons of preventative tack surgery are also nearly finished for publication.

Bruiser in the Vets office after emergency bloat surgery.

Yes, with Great Danes you can and should expect life to throw curve balls. Thanks to Bruiser and looking at things in a positive way.. Living through a bloat emergency, surgery and recovery has helped us better understand this disease. Armed with real life experience we're better informed and continue our mission to pay forward facts to fellow Great Dane lovers. Experiencing bloat "first hand" gives us that advantage! Please watch for new articles regarding bloat, symptoms, surgery, recovery and all issues relevant to this dastardly disease.

The images on this page are of Bruiser floored by Bloat and just after corrective surgery. He had a procedure know as an emergency gastropexy. I can't put into words how this has affected me and promise to "pay forward" what we were taught by this valuable lesson. Bruiser's emergency surgery and recovery bill totalled $4,408.00 and I'm sure since then the price has gone up substantially!

Moving Forward

Over the years Bruiser has helped us to celebrate, inform & educate Dane fanciers all over the world. By going through the pain, suffering and recovery of bloat with torsion, he has once again taught us. I think back about all of you that sent well wishes and donated to Bruiser, this website, and helped us to keep moving forward. It's because of you we are able to share "practical", "first hand" information to benefit all who love the magnificent Great Dane.

Thank you!
Jeff & the team