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All About Blue Great Danes

Blue Great Danes are beautiful animals and highly sought after by many Dane fanciers.

Blue Great Danes like this puppy named Storm have a steel blue coat.

The shiny steel coat of a blue Dane is a real eye catcher.

Finding a cute blue puppy like this little guy named "Storm" may take some searching. As it goes blue Great Danes are a tough find and sought after by many Great Dane enthusiasts.

And, you can't just breed two blue dogs and get a litter full of blue puppies. More on this and the recessive blue gene further down the page.

Color of blue Danes can also vary widely with the steel blue variety often getting snatched up quickly for a pretty penny. While the most sought after color seems to be a deep steel blue, there are a variety of shades and colors such as slate, or charcoal as a few different examples.

AKC standard for Blue Great Danes:

The color shall be a pure steel blue. White markings at the chest and toes are not desirable.
Any variance in color or markings as described above shall be faulted to the extent of the deviation. Any Great Dane, which does not fall within the above color classifications, must be disqualified.

TIP: Just as with black Great Danes, some blue Great Danes will have white on their chest and/or toes. The amount of white will vary and can cause faults if you plan on showing.

Different breeding combinations can produce blue Dane puppies.

The genetic key to blue Great Dane breeding is that both parents must carry the recessive "blue" gene. A black/black breeding will typically produce either blue, or black puppies if the blue gene is carried by either parent. The percentage of blues versus blacks can vary and their is no defined formula for an all blue litter! Any unique, mismarked, or unexpected pups are most likely the result of a color that has existed in your lines for generations past.

Eyes of a blue Dane can be amber or dark brown, sometimes even a light brown or blue. Blue eyes are not uncommon in harlequin bred blues, watch out for someone trying to "cash in" on a rare, blue-eyed, blue Dane puppy! There's talk that blue Great Danes are prone to skin problems. I've seen this frequently in blue Dobermans and yes, many Danes have sensitive skin and shedding problems. Mild skin annoyances however are not uncommon for a Great Dane or in my opinion, solely related to blue coat color in Danes.

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When searching for a blue Great Dane puppy keep in mind they are desirable dogs. Of course this raises the price and may require you to reserve a pup in advance of an upcoming litter. A deposit may be required on the assumption that a breeding will throw blues. Kind of like playing the lottery I guess.

Those lucky enough to have a beautiful blue Great Dane take note, we'd love to see your photos and perhaps publish them here at