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Blue Merle Great Danes

Blue merle Great Danes while often common in harlequin litters, are sometimes advertised as "rare" demanding a premium price. Learn more about the blue merle color here..

Blue merle Great Danes.

Interesting facts about blue merle Great Danes

Although considered a mismarked color the blue merle Dane is quite impressive! This particular color and pattern is said to be rare by some. Allow us to uncover the truth about blue merle Great Danes.

If you care about showing note that blue merle is not recognized by the AKC as an accepted color, you will not be able to show your dog. The same is true for merle Great Danes of any color or pattern. If you own a Dane of this color we're sure they are absolutely awesome so when I speak of "mismarks", please don't be offended.

Fact is there are customarily merle and/or blue merle puppies in all harlequin litters. This is a very common mismark of the Harlequin line. Most knowledgeable Dane breeders simply refer to them as Merles.

Warning: Should you come across a breeder, or anyone claiming this is a rare color, they are not being honest with you! For more color info don't miss our Great Dane Colors main page.

Breeding colors other than harlequin can produce merles!

Fawn/Brindle breeding with a parent that carries a merle gene can produce "fawn" Merles that are light tan or cream, with dark specks and spots. Merle Great Danes with stronger brindle genes may have stripes that appear broken as they fade over the main coat color. The stripes can also appear to turn into spots.

Blue merle Great Danes have a slate, dark blue, or brownish blue coat with black spotting. Nose pigmentation should appear bluish black, not pink, brown, or black. This is why they are referred to as blue. All black pigmentation is dilute!

There are many other colors of merle Great Danes, see our "Merle Dane" page located at our Great Dane Colors main page for more information. Additional color patterns such as "fawnequins" and "merlequins" are also discussed.

Avoid breeding merles..

We are certain your Merle is perfect with great conformation, character, and everything that makes a Dane so wonderful. Breeding merles however can produce a litter of trouble, like dead puppies, sick puppies, and Danes that are predisposed to future health problems. Merle Great Danes can produce "double merle" puppies that can be stillborn, blind, deaf, and genetically flawed.

Yes we are aware that certain people and some Harlequin breeders breed a merle from time to time. Our position is it's unethical as deemed by the Great Dane Club of America's Breeder's Code of Ethics and not worth the risk.

Best bet is to enjoy your beautiful Merle Great Dane, have him or here neutered or spayed, this will assure a longer healthier life for your #1 companion:)