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Seeking a Child Friendly Dog?

No sight is more amazing than to see an adult Great Dane gating around the yard, using just enough speed to stay out of reach of.. A trailing pack of children who are desperately trying to catch the beast!

A child friendly dog, with caution, Great Danes and children can make quite a team.

Great Dane and toddler.

Barely standing taller than this giant's withers, these kids are engaging in a game of confidence. As a "pack" approaching hind side, they set the pace of the chase.

Great Danes are known for forming strong bonds with human children, they make excellent companions and life long friends, a child friendly dog your kids will remember forever. In a somewhat opposite of extremes, many Great Danes develop a special fondness for their miniature human counterparts.

This is truly special to witness and you will find additional photos of this "unique connection" in our photo galleries here at

Customarily, interaction between Great Danes and children is uneventful, with exception of an occasional accidental knock down or unfortunate unintended slap by a 24-inch happy tail.

Although Danes are generally confident and well mannered, small children should always be supervised while in their presence.

Child Friendly Dog or Liability?

Great Danes and children, a child friendly dog, with caution.

There are two sides to every coin however and young children should also be taught to respect your Great Dane. Until your Dane is accustom to kids, they should never play rough, try to ride him like a horse or tease their tolerant friend.

As parents, it's our responsibility to reinforce that any dog can be unpredictable in certain situations. Even with a child friendly dog like a Dane or other well mannered breed, common sense lessons are important. Of course, respecting a dog while it is chewing a favorite bone, eating, sleeping, or just not interested are some of the many common sense aspects of safe interaction between dogs and children.

A young child growing up with a Great Dane may develop a false sense of security around all other dogs. Since they've grown accustomed to a giant, children can often view any smaller dog as non threatening. Did I ever tell you that the only dog that ever bit me was a Chihuahua?

Caveat & Warning

Great Danes, as well mannered and reserve as they may be are still dogs. While we promote the breed positively, situations like rough play, teasing, harassment or pestering can cause any dog to react in unexpected ways. Remember that a sudden aggressive snap, or nip by a dog of a Dane's size can easily inflict injuries to a human that will require a visit to the emergency room, especially if a small child is involved.

Great Danes as puppies can be a bit unpredictable, sudden outbursts of energy, known as the zoomies by the Dane community are common. This is why your supervision is necessary while Great Danes and children interact. As your dog matures, about 2 to 3-years of age, a steadfast calm demeanor will develop and unexpected energy bursts become far and few in between.

As always, early socialization, guidance and obedience are a must, this will assure a evenly temperamental dog that will befriend many, many children.