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Is to celebrate Great Danes and pay forward years of practical, first hand experience with hundreds of articles, photos & stories. We love our Great Danes and hope your visit leaves you truly knowing these magnificent companions.

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Note: I left this page, as well as, the order pages up as a reference archive if you'd like more info or to view pictures before visiting jZ canine.

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This page is now for information only, GO TO THIS PAGE to order a custom Alpenhitze™ coat!

Alpenhitze™ Custom Dog Coats Built With Polartec Designed For Great Danes & Now Available For Any Breed!

This page is an introduction to our coats, sizing and order page for Great Danes is on this page. Sizing and order page for all other breeds is on this page.


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Alpenhitze logo by jZ Canine.

Tired of ordering dog gear that doesn't fit?

Alpenhitze™ coats are cut and sewn to your dog's measurements! I work "one on one" with each client to assure every coat fits like a glove.

Polartec is a ultra high end, high tech extreme condition fabric that's super strong, lite in weight, and weather tough, you'll be amazed at the warmth it provides!

Great Dane dog coat.

Our Number One Goal..

Was to create a one of a kind winter custom dog coats like no other.

A unique, functional, top quality cold weather jacket for our cherished giants. To provide comfort, safety, style, & maximum protection against nasty weather and cold temperatures.

We are proud to offer Alpenhitze™ custom dog coats to the Great Dane community and NOW to all other breeds.

Custom sewn xs small dog coat black Polartec with purple trim.

This is the best total Winter protection for any dog. Our coats are named "Alpenhitze™", meaning "Alpine Heat" in German, to honor the Great Dane's heritage as our breed inspired the design.

Now in our sixth season, we've sewn coats for every breed!

That's a six pound Miniature Pinscher in a scaled down coat built "Great Dane Tough".

Alpenhitze™ custom dog coats are available for international shipping, 365-days a year!

We build our custom dog coats per order and have fitted dogs as small as Chihuahuas, shipped close as next door & far as Australia, New Zealand and Northwest Territories.

Choose your fitting room below.. or continue on this page for more details and photos.

Dane size click here.Other breed sizes click here.

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Follow this link for Alpenhitze™ Coats for Great Danes.
All other breeds please visit Alpenhitze™ Winter Coats for Dogs page.

Black Polartec coat.

Coats Are Built To Your Order..

Mix and match any Polartec color with any trim and create your unique, one of a kind coat.
Custom features such as special openings for leashes and harnesses, specific trim colors and personalized embroidery are always available!

For more info and specific requests for custom features, please see the right column of Great Dane, or, other breed order pages.

You may also contact us using the link and phone number listed at the bottom of this page.

Why invest in a quality dog jacket? (opens new window)

Extreme conditions outdoor fabric is key to Alpenhitze™ function! Our proprietary custom dog coats are unlike any other dog jackets available.

Alpenhitze collar detail.


Coats are built with Polartec, the most advanced triple layer outdoor fabric detailed here.

Learn about our custom fabricated wire frame we use to create a dog coat pattern that fits like a glove in this new window.

Polartec fabric is often used by top of the line winter clothing manufacturers to make jackets, pants, and gloves. Outdoor wear that has skied Aspen and traversed the mountains of Austria.

Bosa Nova color coat.This extreme condition, soft-shell, 4-way stretch fabric is highly wind resistant, providing 98-percent wind blockage while allowing 2-percent circulation.

The breath-ability of the fabric out performs 100 percent wind block materials and Alpenhitze™ custom dog coats will not allow your dog to overheat.

The non-rustling, soft, water repellent outer shell of our custom dog coats is a tightly woven nylon that resists abrasion, snags, and other outdoor hazards.

A "sandwiched" membrane allows moisture to escape, while the polyester velour liner traps air against your dogs body, providing a high warmth-to-weight ratio.

Dane size click here.Other breed sizes click here.

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Follow this link for Alpenhitze™ Coats for Great Danes.
All other breeds please visit Alpenhitze™ Winter Coats for Dogs page.

Forest green color Alpenhitze™ coat.

Safety Sewn In!

Over four-feet of 3m, Scotchlite #8910 retroreflective fabric is sewn onto every coat Dane size coat!

These "safety stripes", rated 500 lumen's, reflect incredibly bright against the slightest light.

We don't skimp on safety, you will spot your dog from every angle and awe at the night time visibility, even on the darkest Winter nights

Fabric Care..

Air dry in a well ventilated area after use. Keep the coat free of loose dirt or sand by shaking it off or brushing with a soft bristled brush. Our custom dog coats are machine washable in cold water only, avoid fabric softener and allow to drip dry.

Alpenhitze™ custom dog coats are the first of many custom high performance products planned for our & the jZ Canine line. Dog clothing, high quality products & accessories, guaranteed perfect for Danes and all dogs, designed by people who are crazy about them!

You will be amazed when Alpenhitze™ arrives at your door.

Questions about Alpenhitze™?

Use this form to contact me, or call 508-538-1150 with your questions about our custom dog coats.

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