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Custom Dog Gear - New Website jZ

Our custom dog gear has a new home! After eleven years we've moved some of our products To jZ Find out why on this page.

For all new to this site and those that have come back season after season for our awesome high end dog gear.. I've moved some of the products to a new website and will explain a bit about the move in this article.

Why the new site for our custom dog gear?

You see back in 2005 the absolute need for dog gear that was BIG enough and TOUGH enough for my Danes spawned our designs. As many of you know we worked hard on our designs because everything on the market was too small or poor quality. It's been quite a journey and since that day, we've built custom gear for clients all over the world!

Over 10 years later..

Our sales have grown and we're not just for Great Danes any more. For the past 5 years or so, we downsized many of our designs to fit just about every breed and other animals to! Deer, Llama and Goats to name a few! I'll have to add a few photos for y'all to check out.

For this reason and to keep all about Great Danes true to its mission of a content rich informative breed resource, we set up jZ canine as the new home for product sales.

About jZ canine

Our gear is exactly the same but jZ canine serves all breeds, has a secure encrypted checkout and is more user friendly. To all new clients and those of you who have returned for our quality high end custom dog gear season after season, please visit jZ canine for all your dog gear needs from the good ole' folks at all about Great Danes.

Important Notes on jZ canine Layout

There are two sections to the site. When you visit the homepage you can browse our products, view images and read feedback using the top navigation menu. See graphic below. (Yellow arrow goes to the store)

jZ Canine header screenshot.

You can reach the online store section of our website to view products, choose options and make purchases by clicking "online store" in the top navigation menu, or the "shop now" icon on any product page.

jZ Canine shop now screenshot.

When in the online store, you can jump back to the main site by clicking the "jZ canine" Homepage" link under the site logo.

jZ Canine store header screenshot.

I hope you all love our new jZ canine website and find it makes for an easier more pleasant experience when browsing our custom dog gear.

Thanks everyone!

Jeff Z.