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Our Dog Coat Pattern Secrets Revealed

What's the secret behind our dog coat pattern? How does our dog clothing and apparel fit like a glove?

Great Dane dog coat pattern wire frame.

Because each and every new garment begins with a concept. Next we take this idea and a few yards of fabric to create a dog coat pattern. Each and every pattern is different and cut/sewn in a way that best allows it to perform its intended use.

Of interest.. The soft shell Polartec fabric used to construct our Alpenhitze coats will curve, stretch and lay differently than a rip-stop nylon, or a cotton poplin meaning one pattern design will not work for all dog apparel!

For this reason I DO NOT rely on computer software, or, a simple generic dog coat pattern when bringing a new garment from concept to prototype. Each and every exclusive, dog apparel garment begins with one thought.. "What would thrill us for our Great Danes"?

Next, the fabric chosen to "best perform" with our vision is placed on our life sized Great Dane manikin, a.k.a., "Scraps":) With the help of Scraps, we can see "first hand", how the fabric will fit and move on the body of a dog.

You may notice many of our coats look slightly different. That's because our work is custom for each client and per order. Also as explained above, different types of material require unique cut and stitching. By using a manikin we are able to create a garment that truly fits the body shape, curves and structure of just about any breed dog.

Lastly, our "real, live" Great Danes will wear each new prototype for thorough "field testing" and.. A "Dane worthy" approval. There are too many dog coats on the market that look and fit, well.. like a horse blanket or a tablecloth for a dog.

Our exclusive products actually fit your dog! We've even had people write us asking if they could submit their measurements so we can build a human coat to match their Danes:)

Once an idea is prototyped, it's laid in rough fabric, pinned and cut to create a preliminary dog coat pattern. Next it's Dane tested and refined. Finally, stenciled as a hard pattern and inventoried. Lastly, if the decision is made to expand a product to smaller breeds such as our Alpenhitze coats, the Dane size pattern is "manually graded" to breed dimensions and standard for future use.

So I guess the secrets out! Honestly, there's really no secret behind the fit of our coats, we just do things the old fashioned way with attention to detail. Begin with a concept, add some passion, a little help from our Dane manikin "Scraps", sew with experience using top quality materials & strive to be the best.

Our aim has always been and remains to "over deliver" and to improve the quality of life for our wonderful Danes, OK.. Chihuahuas too:)

I hope you are "wowed" by your new all about Great Danes/ jZ Canine designed dog gear!