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Your High Quality Dog Coat Collection is Here

Our large breed dog coat selection is "Bruiser Approved". All gear is "Dane Tough" for hard to fit giant dogs and NOW all breeds!

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Important: This page once listed a few good dog coat sources that have since shut down. You'd be best served with one of our Alpenhitze™ Polartec Coats now regardless. I left this page up as a place holder and may eventually just delete it.

For the best DOG COAT, please visit our  Large Breed Dog Gear page as more information on Alpenhitze™ Polartec Coats is waiting for you there.

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About our Store..

Custom Alpenhitze™ coat built for a Chihuahua from Sweden.
Smaller breed families stay with us.. We are pleased to announce that our ultra high end "custom Alpenhitze™ coats"are now available in all sizes!

Finally, a "Dane Tough" dog coat resource!

Alpenhitze™ winter dog coat for Great Danes and large breeds.

Finding dog clothes for Great Danes and giant breeds is tough! To be honest, we've been frustrated for years, on line searches and retail stores were no help, so we took matters into our own hands and spent over a year designing, perfecting and manufacturing the ultimate "Custom Dog Coats"! And we continue to work on new designs of proprietary, quality, Dane gear like our new "Dog Raincoat"!

High End High Performance..

Custom fitted cold weather dog jacket for large breeds.

Dog coats, raincoats and wetsuits custom built to measurement. Our exclusive "designed for Danes" Alpenhitze™ "Dog Coat is guaranteed to offer the most warmth, coverage, safety & protection.

Does your Dane think he's a Retriever and love to swim? Check out our unique "dog wetsuit", a way cool, one of a kind product.

When shopping for dog jackets, large dog clothes, or dog apparel, you need rugged dog clothing that fits. We believe you will find our selection of large breed dog clothes just right for your big friend. Remember our gear, tried and tested by Great Danes and their families is now available for all breeds.

Your on-line experience is our first priority, please "Notify Me" if you have questions about our exclusive high end performance products.