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Free Dog Medicines Quick Reference Charts & 125% Price Match

Researching both over the counter & Rx dog medicines? You've reached a page that I think will help!

Don't be overwhelmed, choosing dog medicines and supplements can be a bit confusing. Our commitment here at all-about-GREAT-DANES is to provide honest information.

Flea & Tick Dog Medicines Reference Sheet

Dog medicine and supplements, flea and tick reference list.

Buying flea, tick & prescription meds for your dog can be daunting but I'll share a few secrets of mine and have included easy reference charts to make your task painless.

The fact is that as a Great Dane owner there's a good chance you're going to need dog medicines at some point or another. The cost for these products will be high due to the simple fact.. YOUR DOG IS HUGE!

Let's not forget routine meds like heartworm and that topical flea and tick ointment, yes, 2 large tubes per application!

I've been into Danes long enough to know you need to research all corners of the web to find low cost medicines and supplements!

What I've done with this page is two things, create "quick reference" charts for many OTC & Rx medications you may need for your Dane at some point during its life. And, provide you the best source I personally know of to purchase these products.

I've also created a reference chart for many of the common heartworm and tick OTC meds! These quick reference guides will arm you with knowledge upfront should you need to administer the meds to your dog.

Allergy Dog Medicines Reference

Dog allergy medicines quick reference sheet.

125% price match info begins here..

Total Pet Supply

Great Danes and dogs are my passion and I'm always on top of what's new to share with the thousands of fellow dog lovers that visit our website every day :)

After buying my meds from many different places over the past twenty years, I discovered this wonderful new company! Total Pet Supply is awesome! They're a leader in the pet care industry and believe that the value of your order is measured by both price and a high level of customer service.

Better yet, if you find their products cheaper at any other online pet pharmacy, not only will they match that price, they will beat it by 25% of the difference!

That's right up to 80% savings - 125% price match - free shipping on OTC and Rx dog medicines!

If you would like to compare pricing both PetCareRx and Pet Care Choice are two great companies that I have bought from in the past.

Arthritis Dog Medicines Reference

Dog arthritis meds reference sheet.

Only Natural Pet Store

For dog lovers that choose homeopathic care, you can take 10% Off All Natural Flea Control & Medicines from Only Natural Pet Store!

"Only Natural" Pet is a mega resource for natural supplements, vitamins, oils, food & more. You won't find such a wide selection of natural organic products like theirs anywhere!

CAUTION: Side effects of corticosteroids such as "Prednisolone" can include weight gain, panting, increased thirst, increased hunger, increased urination, vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness, and hyperglycemia. Long term or repeat steroid therapy can cause Cushing's syndrome, adrenal insufficiency, poor wound healing, muscle loss and muscle weakness.

We are passionate about Great Danes and all dogs, our hope is that sharing knowledge will benefit other dogs and their owners. Our future plans includes additional reference lists for easy information on the vast assortment of products currently available to pet owners.

The Flea, Tick, Heartworm, Allergy and Arthritis quick reference charts we've provided are just a start. Similar quick reference lists are in progress for digestion aides, coat & skin health, nutritional supplements, joint health and more so please check back often or grab our "RSS" feed below to receive an RSS blast when this page is updated!

I hope this page helped demystify some of the fog surrounding many dog medicines and supplements. Take care of yourself, and your canine companion:)