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Dog Names Directory - English & German

Our original lists of dog names both English & German are perfect for your Dane puppy, or whichever breed you favor!

Searching through dog names is no easy task.

Dog names for all breeds, Great Dane, Shepherd and Collie sitting under a tree.

Finding pop-up free lists with original names can be even harder! If you're naming a new Great Dane puppy and in need of a comprehensive clutter free name directory, you've found it!

Our lists are original, contain both English and German dog names and continue to grow with weekly updates. Over the last decade or so, many have written with original names that have been and continue to be added. Many thanks to our friendly site visitors for all your contributions:)

Why post dog names when just about every dog website on the web has name lists? Just our attempt to assure that we never meet a Great Dane called Binkie or Taco! In all seriousness, naming your puppy can be very tedious, so we hope some day to receive an email saying "We found our dog's name at all about Great Danes!"

Our name lists include both English and German names for male and female dogs. Plus, most German names include the meaning of the name. Our lists contain many original names that you wont find elsewhere and we sincerely hope our efforts have you started off in the right direction. Most of the names listed are awesome for Great Dane dogs.

Still having a tough time with dog name ideas? Here is a small article with tips and advice for choosing a puppy name that may inspire some creativity.

OK, on to the names! All names are categorized by male and female!

English Dog Names

You can start your search for female dog names here. If you have a male Great Dane, you can check out our list of male dog names here.

German Names & Their Meaning

I'd recommend a quick read of our German dog name intro page before jumping to the lists. This page inspires some thought as to why a German name is ever appropriate for a Great Dane.

Rather jump straight to German dog name lists? No problem, check out this awesome list of female german dog names. Is your Great Dane a rĂ¼de? Then our male German Great Dane names list would be more appropriate

Black Great Dane in fresh Winter snow.
Black Dane in fresh white snow.. contrast and grace, what a picture! Take a view from 30,000 feet and soak up the big picture.. that name may just come to you.

Sometimes a name will just hit out of the blue, black or white. Have fun naming your new puppy, hopefully you'll find a name here at that fits your dog's personality and character.

If you would like to contribute to our current directory, please get in touch by visit our Contact Page located in the top navigation menu on every page of our website.

Thanks so much, I hope you have fun here at!

Jeff & the team.