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The perfect dog wetsuit for a Great Dane

Check out this awesome dog wetsuit that's perfect for water loving and active dogs!

** Dog Wetsuit No Longer Available 2019 **

Black Great Dane wearing custom dog wetsuit.

Something New

We're excited to announce that our wetsuits are ready for custom order just in time for Summer. Don't miss out on your chance to order early at jZ, the new home for our dog gear!

I discovered this incredible dog wetsuit back in 2006 and feel it may benefit those in colder climates. You see, at the time I lived in Connecticut near the Northwest foot hills along the beautiful Farmington River. As you know, Great Danes yearn to be part of all activities. For Bruiser, these activities include wading the river shores fishing for Trout in the chilly waters of the Farmington.

The problem was, after a half hour or so in the cool current, the poor guy would freeze as his body temperature would plummet. In an effort to warm up, he would sit miserably on the shoreline shaking like a leaf, what a sight.

After searching in stores and on line for a Dane sized solution, we were lucky to meet Cricket who runs a fantastic custom wetsuit shop. Be it a dog suit or one for a scuba diver, they're hand crafted, custom made, top quality wetsuits that are measured to fit each individual perfectly. And better yet.. Cricket can construct a dog wetsuit for your Great Dane or any breed based on easy measurements that are now available as drop down menus @ jZ, our new home of aaGD's gear.

Quality, design, and fit is second to none, function and style are top-notch. To be honest, Bruiser would sport his dog wetsuit quite often, even away from the water!

For more info on the dog wetsuit or to place an order..

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Yellow Lab in a dog wetsuit.

Image right is a cut/ paste from Cricket's website detailing more of the dog wetsuit features.

Additional benefits of the suit include:

•  Added warmth on snow days.
•  Protection from brush, and thorns when hiking.
•  Protection from biting summer insects like Horseflies and Mosquitoes.
•  Additional floatation for a not-so-buoyant Dane.
•  Nice design, looks like a Dane with "Navy Seal" training:)

Interested in a custom made wetsuit for your Great Dane or large breed dog? They're awesome! Please call, or write us by visiting our "Contact" page if you have any questions about the dog wetsuit featured here. I've owned one and used it with Bruiser often so can provide some first hand information about the product:)