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Elevated Feeder for Large Dog 32-Inch Modification Kit

Our 32" elevated feeder for large dog mod kit will transform your H-base double diner feeder to Great Dane appropriate height!

** Product No Longer Available **

Elevated feeder for large dog mod kit now just $44.99

Modification kit is powder coated heavy gauge steel (Same component used with our adjustable elevated feeders).

At last, an affordable solution for large & giant dog guardians. Yes, we care for Danes and have searched ourselves for a super tall elevated feeder to meet our needs with no luck! Once again, the overall lack of Dane sized products and accessories inspired us to take matters into our own hands.

32-inch adjustable elevated feeder for large dog conversion kit.
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Additional Information

Our Elevated Feeder for Large Dog Solution

If you own an imported H-base double diner adjustable feeder with a 1" square center riser.. You can modify it! Measure your riser to make sure it's 1" square. Next, use the order form on this page or grab our 32" powder coated mod kit from jZ Canine. When it arrives.. Simply bolt up the new riser using provided hardware and you're done. You now own a 32-inch adjustable feeding tower for your large or giant breed dog.

Important: Our mod kit uses a 5/16" bolt so the hole in the base of you feeder may need to be enlarged to accept the larger heavy duty bolt.


Many of you may already own one of these imported double diner type feeders, it's just too short for feeding a Great Dane. Some of you would rather pick up a cheap double diner at your local pet retailer, no problem. In any case they're 16-inch tall, H-base adjustable feeding stations with two, 2-quart, 3-quart, or 5-quart bowls. If you are purchasing a double diner on your own, or, already own an H-base feeder, simply make sure it has a 1" square riser and you can use our elevated feeder for large dog modification kit.

Caveat: This option is made available for those looking to save money. While modification kits are heavy gauge powder coated steel, imported H base feeders are cheaply made and DO NOT compare in quality, durability and sturdiness to our elevated feeding towers!

Conversion Kit Details:

32-inch dog feeder modification kit.

All mod kits include a heavy gauge 1-inch square, 32-inch tall steel riser with black powder coated finish. Riser has a 5/16" nut tack welded inside one end to accept a 5/16" by 1-1/4" zinc plated steel bolt. A washer for the bolt and 1" plastic square end cap are also included.

Feeder Modification Instructions:

Remove bowls, adjustable bowl support & stock riser. Bolt up your new and improved 32-inch riser to the H-base (drill out hole in base to 3/8" if necessary to accept heavier gauge 5/16" bolt), replace the brackets plus bowls and you've got a "Dane Sized" adjustable elevated feeder.

Remember, if you already own, or will purchase a double diner feeder on your own.. It must have a 1" square center riser to be compatible with our elevated feeder for large dog modification kit. If you have any questions about this product please email us by visiting our Contact page located in the top navigation menu, or call (508) 538-1150 any time.