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Emergency Vet Costs

Image of vet invoice quote for emergency bloat decompression.

This page is straight and to the point..

My aim is to make you aware of emergency vet costs and what you can expect to pay should something go wrong with your Great Dane. And, why I highly recommend some sort of pet health insurance for Great Danes. What you see here are hard facts that emergency vet costs can get crazy!

This first image is the actual emergency decompression cost quote I received the night my Great Dane bloated! Those on mobile should be able to click on the image and view full screen. If not, please send me feedback and I will modify this page so it's compatible with your devices.

Unfortunately, Bruiser had full bloat with torsion (GDV) and they were unable to decompress him. Bruiser's esophagus was twisted, along with other vital organs requiring emergency gastropexy surgery.. I had his stomach tacked for good measure.

Keep in mind that this all happened in 2007 and your emergency vet costs will be much higher in today's economy! This is again the reason I highly advise a dog health insurance policy for Great Danes!

As discussed across this website, our breed is incredibly powerful, yet ironically fragile with it comes to health and bloat is the #1 killer.

Emergency gastropexy vet invoice page 1.

Here's page one of the bill for surgery & tacking..

Image left is page one of my bill for emergency gastropexy and stomach tack surgery. Anyone that owns a Great Dane may be aware of something known as bloat.

If your dog bloats you will need to rush to the ER for emergency decompression (Or do it yourself but that's another article).

Should the stomach have twisted, decompression is no match for bloat with torsion and y'all are in for emergency gastropexy surgery. What's that surgery? In Laymen's terms they basically open up your dog, remove and inspect its organs, untwist the stomach and intestines, check for necrosis and cut away any dead tissue.

Next, if you opt for tacking.. they'll tie the the stomach to a rib to prevent it from twisting again then put everything back together and stitch up the incision.

After this you hope your dog makes it through the first 48 hours without suffering arrhythmia and heart failure, then say a prayer that your Dane wont ever bloat again.

To take something positive away from all this you can rest at ease your dog wont torse again after a tack, but they can bloat and at least you'll only need to pay the decompression cost.

Emergency vet costs invoice for gastropexy with stomach tacking final price.

This last image is final invoice total for gastropexy surgery..

As you can see and even at 2007 prices, Emergency Vet costs can really ruin your finances and this is why I highly recommend Great Dane health insurance for our breed!

They say hindsight is 20/20 and I agree! Personally, I won't be without a pet insurance plan from now on, especially for my Danes!

Reminder: For updated pet insurance reviews our top 2 recommended pet health insurance plans, plus additional articles to help you decide if insurance makes sense to you. Please jump to out Great Dane Health & Dog Illnesses main page.

Additional Emergency Vet Costs..

I've posted invoices for decompression & bloat yet I've also shelled out about $2,000.00 more for neurological issues and tests performed with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) issues. DCM is what ended up taking Bruiser before the age of six. I decided not to treat the disease as it had already advanced to the point his quality of life would be very poor. Had I decided to treat the DCM with "buckets of pills", this could have cost an additional 5-thousand or more!

Friends of mine have a Brussels Griffon that was bitten by a Copperhead snake. They paid over 8-Thousand Dollars, that's ($8,000)!! for anti venom, treatments and surgery to save his life. I'm trying to get my hands on the invoicing and will share it here if I do.

As you can see with your own eyes, which was my aim with this page.. Emergency Vet costs are no joke and something to absolutely think hard about when making the decision to care for a dog.. Or any pet for that matter.