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What People Are Saying

First Name: Anne
State/Prov: New Jersey

What a Great Site. I just found it on the internet and made it a favorite. I definitely will be visiting regularly. Very informative as well as entertaining.

First Name: Brandy
State/Prov: NC

I just want to say thank you for having this website. I have been searching for my perfect dog for a while, so I've been researching all of the breeds that appealed to me. I ended up deciding against all of them except for the Great Dane. The past month I've spent reading about Great Danes. You're website has been the most helpful of all that I've found. I love the way you have it set up and the infomation is great. It has made me aware of potential problems as well as make me fall completely in love with this breed. Keep up the good work and I hope you help more people like me.
First Name: Jodi
State/Prov: Wisconsin

This is a FANTASTIC site! Exactly what I was wanting when searching for a great dane/german dog name. Thank you and GREAT job!!
First Name: April
State/Prov: Arkansas

I am VP and Adoptions Coordinator for *** Great Dane Rescue. I just spent quiet a bit of time going over your site. I am truely impressed with all of the information, pictures, and it's level of education on our Great and Wonderful Danes. I plan to send all of my families submitting an application to your site to truely learn about this breed. I will also be sending a link to all my past adopters and are in the process of adding a link to our own web site. Great Job Guys and Keep Up the Good Work !!!!