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German Dog Name Intro

What a perfect way to call your dog while remembering its European heritage!

This harlequin color European Great Dane is perfect candidate for a German dog name.

Your Great Dane Will Love a German Dog Name

After all, Danes played a large part of European canine history as fierce, powerful Boar hunters. Why not make a statement with a good German name? You'll be using it quite often in the future and for many years to come!

German and European Great Danes are more typical of the the early breed type. Less streamlined than most U.S. bred lines, the European Great Dane more resembles the thick muscular build of a Mastiff.

Imagine how proud your dog will be when you're out in public and you call out to him with a German name. Just a thought though.. I like it but the decision for a Great Dane name is yours and only yours.

Our German name lists are quite extensive, both male and female names include meanings to the best of our ability. Just in case you are considering of course:) We add to and update our lists pretty frequently, so come back often. Have fun and enjoy, who knows, maybe we'll spot you in the park working on training with your Great Dane, yelling "sitzen Sie, bleiben Sie, untenshnell"! :)

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