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Great Dane Collars & More

The absolute best Great Dane collars, training collars and leather collars can be found lower on this page. They're not cheap but if you're like me you want the best. Let's start however with talking about proper fit of training collars..

Leather Great Dane collars made for durability and style.

When it comes to Great Dane collars for training, fit is critical.

The leather collars on this page, Mm.. simply need to fit your personal taste and we've included a bunch of the best. I wish we could buy one of each of these collars being honest, you don't come across designs like these at any of those big box pet retailers that's for sure.

Let's talk training collars first..

Important: When choosing Great Dane collars for obedience training, proper size & fit crucial. A training collar and sturdy lead are the key to successful results. Your equipment selection is the first step, never skimp on quality!

Deciding on a Training Collar:

Slip or 
			   "choker" type dog training collar.

Basically, there are two types of collars used with leash correction training and another, that I refer to as hybrid. Slip collars, often called "chokers", are commonly made of chain but can also be constructed of nylon and leather. Slip collars fit loosely around a dog's neck and can be tightened with a leash tug, "snap" or "pop" to apply a correction.

Prong, or "pinch" type collars are usually made of steel. Rubber caps are available to cover the tips of the prongs should they cause irritation to your dog's neck. The "hybrid" collar I mentioned is a partial slip collar and known most commonly as a "Martingale". Martingale collars are often more stylish as you will see below on this page. And, they can be used as day to day collars to employ slight corrections, reminders let's say when you're out and about with your dog and they get "forgetful" for instance;)

Prong Versus Slip:

Prong style dog training collar with quick release clasp.

This is pretty much a personal preference yet there are notable differences. You may think a prong collar looks cruel and painful, in reality, they are not. Corrections may also be lighter with a prong as the collar plays off a dog's imprinted instinct of canine behavior. As mentioned previously on our training pages, a nip, or bite to the neck is a common form of establishing pack hierarchy among canines.

With a slip collar, corrections usually require more force and if you have a large, stubborn dog, they may be ineffective.

A Good Solid Lead:

Quality of a training lead is also very important. To apply a proper correction you need a sturdy lead that doesn't stretch. Those cotton, or cotton blend leashes for sale at the local pet shop just won't do the trick! We recommend a 6-foot leather lead for close work, and a 30-foot, 3/4-inch leather, or 1-inch nylon web, for long work and recall training.

Fitting Great Dane Collars for Training:

Leather Great Dane collar.

Proper fit of a training collar is also very important, the collar preferably should sit high on the neck. This is somewhat difficult with a slip collar as they tend to rest at the base of a Dane's neck. To properly size a slip collar, measure the girth of your dog's neck and add 2 to 3-inches.

Prong collars are sized by gauge, "weight and thickness", The length of the collar is then adjusted by either adding, or removing individual links. Many people make the mistake of sizing a prong collar large enough to go over their dog's head.

Tip: Breaking the links in a properly fitted prong type Great Dane collars can be difficult, especially one of heavy gauge like those required for our giant breed. To make things easier, be sure your prong collar is designed with a "quick release" clasp just like the prong collar featured below on this page.
High quality 
			   leather dog collar.

Again, the proper way to put on prong type Great Dane collars is to either separate a link, or buy a collar with a "quick release" clasp, (Highly Recommended). The dog collar is put on as if it were a tight necklace and should be sized tight enough to stay high on the neck. Leash attachment is then made to either the "live"" or "dead" ring.

TIP: Having problems keeping the collar high enough for effective corrections? Do what many trainers do and use a thick leather collar fitted just below the training collar.

Very Important!

TRAINING COLLARS MUST BE REMOVED AFTER EVERY TRAINING SESSION! Do not leave training devices around the neck while unattended, this can be a fatal mistake!

TIP: Additional info and photos of fitting training collars can be found at Leerburg's training website. (opens in a new browser window). Questions or comments about this page? Visit our Contact Page located in the top navigation menu to get in touch.

Let's Get Started With True Training Collars

Martingale "Hybrid" Training Collars Offer More Style

Insane High End Sebastian & Co Leather Collars

The absolute very best for the discerning Great Dane owner and their awesome top dog. You can't buy a higher end hand crafted leather collar! Only premium grade bridle leather, calfskin and napa leather is used for this collection. Quality stones set into premium black bridle leather or spikes and studs depending on the style. Between $40 Dollars & $90 Dollars for these beauties but who cares! These are the best leather dog collars we know of for you to show off your Dane and feel they're worth every penny.

More Awesome & Unique High End Leather Collars

Collars below are also a great find and a bit less expensive yet still stylish. Many are hand crafted and some Amish made. You can even have personalization added to include your dog's name and your phone number.

Just Because.. You May Wonder What a $250 Dollar Collar Looks Like

Actually, this Dean & Tyler "Anastasia Collar" sized for a Great Dane is just under $200 Dollars. Pretty nice piece for an ultra-feminine princess Dane. Black Onyx Crystal Shields & Spotlight Crystals are expensive so if you've got that "One Of" dog.. You know that special dog with whom you've connected like none other? That almost human connection those who are lucky enough come across once or twice in a lifetime? This collar may be for you.. or her more specifically;)

I hope you've enjoyed our collar collection. Not really "ours" being truthful as we don't make leather collars. We stick to " our" 3M Life Safety collars, Polartec Custom Coats and Adjustable Feeding Towers, that's what we're good at.

In any case, we've always had a tough time sourcing excellent & stylish Great Dane collars so figured it would be cool to share some of our finds. And if you found the tips on fitting training collars helpful, awesome!

Happy collar hunting:)