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Great Dane Colors, Coat Patterns & Markings

All your Great Dane colors, coat patterns & markings info is here. You'll find info and photos on AKC breed standard colors plus unique and unusual Great Dane colors to boot!

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Great Dane colors, which is your favorite?

This is not your typical page with the AKC Great Dane breed color standard only, I know you've seen that info before. While we'll include the standard colors here be sure to scroll the entire page for access to articles and photos on some pretty unique and unusual colors:)

Kindly, we do not show Great Danes and further believe that every Great Dane is unique, truly a special creature regardless of color.

The Six Great Dane Colors Recognized by Breed Standard

Blue colored Great Dane


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Black colored Great Dane


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Brindle colored Great Dane


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Fawn colored Great Dane


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Harlequin colored Great Dane


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Mantle colored Great Dane


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A good rule of thumb is to choose a Dane puppy with coat color as close as possible to breed standard.

Why? Much has to do with breeder ethics issues and breed betterment. I'll elaborate more on that subject momentarily. Of course you may not find a puppy with exact coat colors to those illustrated, there may be mismarks and this is not uncommon. Typically, Danes with markings and colors that conform to the breed standard are sold as "show quality" and the mismarked, as "pet quality".

Nothing is wrong with a mismarked Dane and more than likely, you will save a few dollars. Whether choosing a "show", or "pet" quality Dane, try to stay as close to these six recognized colors as possible. This may increase your odds for a healthy dog.

Most good breeders strive to better a breed. Those who abide by, or as close to, ethical breeding practices will more than likely have puppies in one of the breed standard color groups. While breeding to color standard does not guarantee a healthy dog, it's a positive sign that this particular breeder was at least following the color code of ethics.

Regardless, rest assured you can still register different colored Danes, such as merle, with the AKC as purebred. So if you don't plan on showing and are comfortable with the health of your puppy's lines, go with your heart.

More to Great Dane Colors Than Meets The Eye?

There are some health concerns with certain Danes due to recessive genes and some coat colors are a result of these genes. For instance, genetically white Great Danes are typically vision and hearing impaired. In some cases, the color of your Dane can be an early warning sign of predisposition to certain ailments.

We have written articles discussing Great Dane colors, markings, patterns and related information on each particular type available by links on this page and in the "Related Articles" section on this page. Photos are also available for visual reference.

Other Great Dane Colors & Patterns

If you're reading this I trust you already read the standard color articles or are more interested in unique colored Great Danes. Let's have a look at these colors now..

Merle Great Danes are common and no two are alike with patterns and colors as unpredictable as New England weather. Some consider all mismarked Danes a merle but we'll let you be the judge. Visit our merle Great Danes page to view photos and receive additional information on the color, along with additional photos of some pretty crazy mixed color combinations.

We stress the word common as many new Dane owners have over paid unscrupulous breeders for so called rare Danes, such as blue merle Great Danes and fawnequin Great Danes.

Fact is, these rare colored Danes are common mismarks in harlequin litters. Don't fall prey to this trap! Take a look at whatever colors interest you and at the end of the day remember.. Whatever color you find, do some digging on health as it's way more important!

If you have a question or are still unsure about Great Dane colors, coat patterns and markings, send us a note by visiting our Contact page located in the top navigation menu. Hope you find your favorite Great Dane colors "in stock" :)