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Meet Sophie the Great Dane

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Featured Great Dane dog for June 2015.

A Canadian Great Dane Named Sophie

Close up portrait of a Great Dane named Sophie from Northwest Ontario Canada.

James writes, "Sophie is a 4.5 year old female Dane, pet quality because she's missing her mantle collar.. so she's perfectly imperfect!"

She is a huge ham, and is an outdoors enthusiast who has lived in Northwest Ontario all of her life.

She loves cross country trail running, skiing, snow shoeing, hiking and swimming.

Action photo of a Great Dane dog running in snow in woodlands.
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Great Dane dog in a NY Giants cap.

Her well deserved nicknames are "Hank the Tank" and "The Gong Show" as she runs things over instead of going around them!

Her temperament is typical of Danes, gentle and loving in nature with a reserved somewhat protective demeanour when in surroundings such as on remote trails and in the bush.

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Great Dane dog swimming holding a stick in its mouth. Sophie the Great Dane with her owner James.

What is not typical is here absolute love for swimming, not surprising since her best fur friend is a Labrador Retriever!

Just like every other Dane owner, we are completely in love with our Dane and the breed, they are kind of addictive!