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Important: I left this page up as a place holder as it will be rebuilt highlighting another topic.

To contact us about Great Dane dogs or for any other reason.. use the "Contact" page above in the top navigation menu.

Just like the web has improved the past decade, so have we. To simplify and streamline our Great Dane dog and website contact email, we've done away with the multiple forms that used to be on this page and now have one "contact" page. This page is available across our site on every page in the top navigation menu.

The old "contact us" page info is below (minus the actual forms) and simply left up as a place holder in preparation for new content..

"Let's talk about Great Dane dogs."

Staying in touch with you is our number one priority. Why? Everyone who writes contributes with site development and our goal to make this site your favorite Great Dane dog resource. By asking a question you spawn new ideas and topics of interest we can write about.

The same is true with comments and suggestions. Many of you may have interesting Great Dane stories, facts or humor that would be a perfect addition for our visitors.

Your Dane photos, images and graphics help us keep pages and articles fresh and fun, our photo gallery is the perfect place to show off your Dane.

Your privacy:

Your e-mail address and personal information is kept confidential. We will not forward your information to anyone ever. Using forms to communicate provides additional privacy and eliminates Spam all together.

On to the forms..

Old forms, just like our old website layout.. gone!

Tip: At certian times of the year we are overwhelmed with questions. During these busy periods you may also visit our "Great Dane online" forum for "real time" assistance from our friendly Great Dane community:)

Have a question about Great Dane dogs, training, health or nutrition? Concerns or comments about our web site that need a reply? Send your message using the blue form, form #1. Bruiser and I will try our best to answer all site, general, and dog related questions within a whip of the tail.

Want to leave feedback, comments, or advise about site content and don't require a reply? Have ideas, information or thoughts that you would like to share? Speak your mind using the green form, form #2. Your input is greatly appreciated and helps us immensely to improve our site:)

Know of a Dane that would like a page to post their picture? Our photo gallery is the place! Have a Dane picture or graphic that would compliment one of our many informative articles? Let us know with the red form, form #3. Our graphics dept. e-mail address will be instantly forwarded to you, simply reply with pictures attached.

A sincere thank you to all who have asked, commented, and contributed to our site. We are all about Great Danes, for all dogs actually. There's even a few Chihuahuas running around:)