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Important Great Dane Facts

In a perfect world, Great Danes would be a wonderful choice for everyone. Great Dane facts prove this is certainly not the case as you'll as detailed in this article.

Great Dane dog sleeping on a blue sofa.

Great Dane facts speak for themselves and for those that have spent some time here at, we trust that by now you realize we're passionate for this extra large dog breed.

While our intent is not to disappoint potential Great Dane owners or deter them from our breed, the truth speaks volumes and it's only fair we share the good and the bad.

Lets look at Great Danes with an unbiased eye and discuss some Great Dane facts from a neutral point of view. If you are truly considering a Great Dane, we hope our site has provided valuable information and given you an overall understanding of the breed. So before you make a commitment to this Giant companion animal, know that certain considerations and Great Dane facts must be seriously pondered.

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Great Dane Facts on Living With This Breed

Honestly, it's unlike any other dog breed you may have owned. Enormous size of a Great Dane is obvious and required living area, both indoors and out, will all be larger scale. And, this is not necessarily for the sake of your Dane, most will due just fine in an apartment. Simply, understand that such a giant dog may be obtrusive and often in the way of your desired path of direction.

Yes, with the right household and family, a Great Dane will thrive as the perfect dog. Yet there are attributes common to the breed that just may not fit your lifestyle and expectations.

A simple example..

Are you an immaculate housekeeper?, Great Danes shed! They are messy eaters and drinkers, often flatulent, and sometimes slobbery.

Just like the photo above, your furniture is perfect height to accommodate a Dane and they aren't known as couch potatoes for nothing! Unless you condition boundaries and that furniture is off limits, be prepared to share your new sofa with a giant shedding dog.

Still have your mind set on a Great Dane?

OK, so you were well aware of all this and you're heart is set on a Dane. Moving onward let's take a look at additional, honest Great Dane facts.

Many envision a Great Dane as a perfect dog, one that will stroll along side, loose lead, attracting attention and wonder. Others desire a giant dog to be the envy of all other neighborhood dogs, or an intimidating fearsome sentry that will thwart the efforts of door to door solicitors and unwanted guests. Sadly, many potential Great Dane owners create false expectations, they soon come to realize shortly after purchasing their pup that their fantasies were wrong.

Further, that true breed behavior is not what they had hoped for. As a solution, some new Dane owners may encourage behavior and actions that simply put, is not what a properly bred Great Dane is naturally capable of. Or worse, condition a 6 pound puppy with bad habits like pawing and jumping up, only to end up with a 150 pound dog that ends up nailing them in the face with a giant paw.

Great Dane standing on a 4 foot fence.
Have a chain link fence? Better get a 6 foot fence installed if you didn't condition your Dane puppy the fence is a boundary and off limits.

Speaking of fences.. Isolating a Great Dane to a fenced yard and dog house for instance, because your desire was a Giant, mean, aggressive guard dog is cruelty to the breed and will surely ruin a loving Dane.

Ideally, the place for a Great Dane is within the home, their average to low activity level will assure ample peaceful time to bond with you and your family.

Many images may come to mind, those of a Great Dane lounging with a child, curled up on a couch, or chair, even standing, paws high on its guardian's shoulders, lovingly lapping at their cheeks.

Reality Check..

Non of this happened overnight! Time, persistence, patience, love, and understanding are a must. Although achieving this level of trust and a well mannered canine kid is not difficult, guidance, effort and training are mandatory.

Frustration and troubles are assured, you will experience problems and bad behavior such as puppy and adolescent issues as with any other breed dog. Damage from chewing, (Like the time our Dane consumed our TV remote.), digging, puppy accidents and other behavior problems will be 10-times worse simply due to the size of your dog. Guidance and leadership are a must while your Dane is young, of a manageable size and impressionable.

Veterinary, food, toy, containment and other expenses that encompass canine care can be double to triple in cost for this extra large dog breed.

Careful considerations should be given regarding your expectations of a Dane, your families ability and circumstances with respect to caring and raising such a unique breed of dog.

I truly hope these Great Dane facts put things in perspective and help you with your decision on choosing a Dane:)

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