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Great Dane for Sale Need to Know Information

Looking for a Great Dane for sale? This page, along with related articles and breeder directories should prove an invaluable resource of important need to know info.

Searching a Great Dane for sale? This info can make or break your Great Dane experience.

Great Dane dog sleeping on a blue sofa.

Seeing you're ready to open your home, your hearts, and be loved by this magnificent companion.. you've arrived at the perfect place to gather important information about this process.

Whether you landed here by a search or clicked through after reading other articles here at all about Great Danes, we're glad you made it.

When Buying a Great Dane or searching a Great Dane for sale, there are a few key things to consider. If your plans are to rescue or adopt a Great Dane in need, other issues come to mind and should be discussed before you move forward. Please visit our "Great Dane rescue" articles published in the "Great Dane Resources" section of our website.

Did you know.. Your puppy's lineage may play a major role in its longevity and overall health? Buying from a knowledgeable, health conscious breeder will increase your chances of a long-lived dog. Please don't be tempted into buying a Great Dane puppy from a back yard breeder or pet store simply because you can take him home the same day. Help put an end to puppy mills, avoid the pet store temptation at all cost!

Some Honest Info

Having loved and lost Great Danes way to young, I've come to understand why they're know as the heartbreak breed. Many of you may have also experienced this and those new to Great Danes may have no clue. Sure, average lifespan is said to be 10 years plus or minus, we know that. But to lose a Dane or two middle age, 5 years old or younger, really rips at you.

Thankfully, we can help get you off to a good start when seeking a Great Dane for sale by being honest and shooting straight. What good is dishonest info anyway? Many call that a lie.

For additional information on illnesses and health problems common to our breed don't miss the "Great Dane Health" section of our website by following the link on main navigation menu.

The sad fact is that our breed is riddled with health problems, who knows why, perhaps centuries of breeding to create our Danes resulted in a magnificent, yet genetically flawed giant? Good to look at and serving a purpose for three or four good years, then the lug nuts start to fall off. To worsen this curse, many people meaning nothing but the best end up with a pair of Danes and throw puppies. Intentions are good, great looking dogs, why not? Problem is, there may be unknown underlying genetic flaws that will manifest in their puppies just a few years later. And worst the puppy mills who could care less about anything except a dollar, we'll leave that topic for another article.

Good news is..

We're here to help and inform you of need to know info when searching a Great Dane for sale! First and foremost, seek out a reputable breeder and we've included breeder directories that can be accessed from our Great Dane puppy main page. In addition, we've published additional articles including information on "how to choose a good breeder", "common health screening" done by good breeders, "how to register your dog", plus an expose on "puppy mills" and "back yard breeders". See our Great Dane Puppy main page and "related articles" in the right column on that page for access. I highly suggested you take a minute or two and read through all related articles as the health and longevity of the Great Dane puppy you select may depend on it. Armed with information, your Great Dane for sale search will also be much more pleasant experience.

Enjoy your search and keep in mind..

Nothing is certain with any living creature. You may buy a puppy from your Mailman and it will live to a ripe old age of 13. Contrary, a puppy from a reputable breeder may bloat at 4 years old and be lost. Things like this happen and are not uncommon with Great Danes. Remember that Merle and non-AKC colored pups are common, especially when breeding Harlequin Danes. You may find a totally unique colored pup that will make a perfect companion. Ask around as mismarked puppies may not be advertised but be warned, some may try to cash in with a Great Dane for sale as "unique" or "rare" color. This is nonsense!

Our Breeder Directories..

Our Great Dane for sale breeder directories offer regional lists of Great Dane breeders. Choose your location or view them all! If you're up to it and have the finances, fly your new Dane in from one of the many breeders that take part in this program. We've published breeder listings for the following regions on our Great Dane puppy main page. The New England area, Middle Atlantic region, the South, Midwest, Southwest area and wild wild West!

In addition to breeders, don't forget to contact local Great Dane clubs in your region. More than likely they can help you locate a healthy Great Dane puppy as they're "in the know" and typically heavily involved in the breed. Many excellent breeders do not have websites, use the Great Dane Club of America's Breeder Index for additional listings of breeders as such.

We wish you all the best with your new Great Dane. Congratulations on sharing your life with the Apollo of Dogs, you're in for one hell of a ride!