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Great Dane Health Insurance

If considering Great Dane health insurance or pet insurance, you're making a wonderful decision! Not only for the health and well being of your Dane, but for the well being of your bank account. Learn more on this page and the related articles we've published.

I'd like to offer some honest information about Great Dane health insurance.

Why?, Because I've lived with a Dane or two who had health issues that are very common to our breed and it was expensive! Take a moment and look at these invoices for Emergency Vet Costs for Bruiser. I'm sure you'll agree unexpected expenses like this can be quite a shock.

Lucky for us, in this day and age there are some great pet insurance providers available such as Trupanion Pet Insurance and Healthy Paws Pet Insurance that we've provided reviews for on our Best Dog Insurance page!

I, as many of you with Danes may have experienced, was left broken hearted when my Great Dane Bruiser died at an early age due to DCM. Those of you who are familiar with our website know Bruiser well, he was the dog that inspired all about Great Danes. Bruiser lived just 5-years, 11-months and 23-days.

This wonderful dog was never in perfect health. He lived through neurological issues, bloat with torsion and eventually succumbed to dilated cardiomyopathy. I miss him still and have fond memories of our time together.

I can tell you that I did not have the Best Dog Insurance, or any Great Dane health insurance for that matter. With Bruiser, I paid all medical expenses out of pocket each and every time.

Beware that many snark at dog health insurance as a waste of money! This may be true for certain breeds and mixed breeds who live 18-years on Kibbles & Bits with no more than routine Vet exams. But with Great Danes, it's a whole different story!

Our Great Dane Health main page includes many links both "in text" and "related articles" in the right column. Or you can simply link to those pages as you read through this article. If you look at the Emergency Vet Costs, understand that the invoices are probably 10 years old by now. Meaning, today's costs for veterinary services will be much higher. My aim with these pages is to give you an idea of "what if" costs that can affect any Dane lover.

We love our pets like children and some are blessed with a very healthy, long lived dog. Consider this a blessing because fact is, the Great Dane breed is riddled with health issues both genetic and congenital. And, if that's not intimidating enough, they're also prone to orthopedic issues such as ACL rupture/tears, neurological issues like wobblers, and certain cancers. Yes, you may have done your research and purchased a pup from a very reputable breeder, but this doesn't rule out the possibility of bloat.

Bloat is the number 1 killer of Great Danes!

As another knock to us Dane lovers, cost to treat medical emergencies is inflated due to the inflated size of our giant dogs! Routine vaccines & meds like wormers, flea and tick, etc., all double to triple in price over a mid-size dog breed.

Out of all the breeds, I suggest that Great Danes, contrary to physical size and appearance, are quite fragile.

Luckily with Bruiser, I had credit cards available to pay my emergency Vet bills. However, I paid years and years with hefty interest on these balances even after Bruiser had long passed away.

Shortly after saying goodbye, the subject of Great Dane health insurance and Finding The Best Dog Insurance for Great Danes consumed me. There had to be a way to offer the best veterinary care and to have the financial resources available to cover the astronomical Veterinary costs associated with major health issues like GDV (bloat), Wobblers, Hip Displasia, ACL injuries and cancer. For over a year those of us behind this website, Dane friends and family did our research. We wrote a page and compared the best available plans at that time. There's an archived copy of the page in the "related articles" column to the right for reference.

Since publishing our original pet insurance reviews back in 2005, we archived the page.

Eleven years later and with 2016 upon us, the pet health insurance industry has evolved and many new plans are available. I want to share with you what we feel to be the Top Pet Insurance Programs For Great Danes.

Thank You

For taking the time to read my story and consider Great Dane health insurance. In this day and age it's rare to get honest unbiased opinions and I hope I was able to pay forward some of my life experience. Please remember to check all related articles we've published surrounding our breeds health on our "Great Dane Health" page. You can get there by using your browser's back button or following your breadcrumb trail below.

We sincerely hope you find these pages helpful in making an informed decision on pet health insurance :)