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Additional Great Dane information resources & links to odd ball, old and archived website pages are stored on this page.

Your Access Page for Additional Great Dane Information

After all we've been online for over 10 years.. We've got to stick this stuff somewhere;)

That's a ton of content and this page is a "catch all" for some great articles that just didn't "fit" our new website's layout. As well as, some "good but old" pages that aren't needed any more, or aren't up to snuff with new HTML5 coding and mobile responsive web design.

How this page works:

It's pretty straight forward actually. In the right column below our main navigation menu you'll find links to some interesting pages of Great Dane information that didn't fit into the flow of our newly updated website.

Here's a page that still needs a to be updated. Our Great Dane Rescue Directory includes links to rescue groups nationwide and international. Some of the links are dated and the page really didn't fit in our "Puppy" section so for now, it's parked here.

Links to external websites posted at our Great Dane Dog Breed Directory of links page have been cut down in quantity pretty severely. Much had to do with search engine optimization so that page will also sit here for a while.

Our online discussion forum that just like an old theme park, was once vibrant with activity. Between 2006 and 20010 our Great Dane Online discussion forum grew to almost 5,000 members and over 90,000 posts. With the rise of social media discussion forums became less popular and after much deliberating, we let it go idle. There are still over 80,000 searchable posts containing a wealth of info on our breed that you're welcome to browse.

Old Archived Pages:

These pages were either good in their day or were used for an event or promotion and no longer serve a purpose. As web publishing goes, it's painful to delete a page and deletions also require a bunch of back end work to get them de listed from search engines. Our solution, archive them here.. glad I thought of it;) Those archived pages of Great Dane information are also over there in the right column. Feel free to read them if you'd like or just ignore them, I won't take it personally;)

For a few years our Great Dane Story page served as an interactive page for site visitors to upload stories about their Great Danes. The problem ended up being that SPAM BOTS got a hold of the form and would flood our server with bogus submissions. Why? I don't know but enough was enough. I may re launch a similar content upload module soon once our mobile friendly transition is ironed out. Stay tuned for updates on this.

Here's a page that featured a searchable thumbnail storefront of A to Z Dog Breed gifts and collectables. In the end this page my be permanently deleted and replaced with a "Great Dane Gifts" page.

Our very first product page was named Great Dane Accessories and it has since been replaced with "LARGE BREED DOG GEAR" that is now available on our websites' main navigation menu. I will eventually do something creative with the old page but for now it's parked here.

Originally, back in 2005, our Dog Coat page was a lead into a select assortment of some really nice dog coats for Danes. Over the past decade a few of the companies closed and during that time we ended up designing our own Alpenhitze™ Polarted coats leaving this page as collateral damage. It will probably be deleted soon.

Back in early 2005 and just after we launched this website, we scoured the web weekly for videos of Great Danes in action and published them at a Great Dane Video page. With the growth of sites such as YouTube and other social share platforms, our efforts while whole hearted, could not keep the pace with the leaps and bounds of these mega sites. For that, just like that corner store you used to know, we shut it down.

Suffering a similar fate as the video page, our Great Dane News page could not be updated fast enough to keep up with plethora of news feeds that kept popping up.. goodbye Great Dane news:(

In Summer of 2006 and shortly after launching our Alpenhitze Polartec dog coats we ran a promotion. A free coat was given away and you can read about that here.

Old but good in its time, our multiple contact form Great Dane dogs page was the way thousands of visitors connected with our team. Sending photos, asking questions, or offering feedback was as easy as choosing the appropriate form and clicking send. The page sits idle now (minus the actual forms) and will be reborn soon as a new article of interest.