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Site Updates and Great Dane News

5-5-2015 Major Site Updates:

After a big push by search engines and the fact that our old layout was not designed for mobile devices, we're re launching as a mobile friendly responsive website! We've worked for months behind the scenes to totally rebuild this website from the ground up on a new host. If you're reading this news we're live! Hope you enjoy the new layout, new articles and new graphics. Please excuse any loose ends that need to be wrapped up and do send your feedback to let us know how you like the new place:)

9-1-2011 News & Updates:

While we've somewhat neglected this page as it's not the most active area of our site, I'll take a moment to let you all know that we have been working behind the scenes. The newest addition to speak of is our interactive interface. You may have noticed that on certain pages there is an icon at the top right column.

Great Dane small icon.This icon designates the page is "interactive". Meaning, you can add content to our site by building your own page! Better yet, share your love for our breed with over 3-THOUSAND site visitors each and every day. While this may seem simple it took quite some time to get the code correct. n addition to adding this module we continue to add content, articles and further continue or mission to pay forward practical first hand breed information. All for the benefit of our beloved Great Danes :) Take a bow everyone, it's because of you we improve :)

4-5-2010 Website News:

To all, we've somewhat neglected this page as it's not the most active area of our site. So I'll take a moment to let you all know that we have been working behind the scenes to improve just about every day. The newest addition to speak of is our interactive interface. You may have noticed that on certain pages there is an icon at the top right column.

9-1-2008 Website News:

Great Dane News - Site Overhaul.. As you may have noticed we are updating our entire site to 1024px resolution and 3-column layout. Hope you enjoy the new "look & feel"! Watch new "right column" area for related links, articles, graphics, sponsors and more. Thank you for your patience as we renovate.

8-10-2008 Website News:

New articles are always in progress such as this recently published piece on "How to Choose Dog Food".

5-8-2007 New exclusive:

Adjustable Elevated Feeder.. Our high quality, American made adjustable elevated dog feeder is now available in new sizes.

5-3-2007 Bloat Hits Us:

Our Bruiser Down by Bloat.. Learn more about what happened and watch for new informative articles on "Bloat - GDV" soon to be published.

4-12-2007 Dane Gear.. Funny how many of us have giant Danes that absolutely hate getting wet:) Our newest "Dog Raincoat" will be available shortly and eventually fitted for smaller breeds as well.

3-1-2007 New Exclusive Product:

Reflective Safety Collars.. Keep your companion safe with our latest accessory. Our new "Reflective Dog Collar" includes a genuine 3M Scotchlite retro reflective safety stripe. This simple solution could save your pets life and assures high visibility, even on the darkest of nights.

2-1-2007 Great Dane News:

Danes on TV.. Tune in to Animal Planet on Sunday, Feb 11 at 8 PM to watch Great Danes compete in the AKC agility invitational! This will be a wonderful chance to get a good look at these giants in action:)

1-1-2007 Site News:

To all.. Thank you everyone for making our site such a success! Because of you, we have grown into one of the most popular Great Dane resources on the world wide web! The success of our proprietary one of a kind products, like our Alpenhitze" Custom Dog Coats and our 32-inch Elevated Dog Feeding Tower has been overwhelming. We're keeping our beloved breed warm all over the world! Our new Great Dane Online community now includes over 130 friendly Dane enthusiasts! Your feedback, questions and comments are invaluable and provide a non stop resource of ideas for new content, graphics and articles. Our photo gallery has grown to a second page and we have nearly fifty new members here anxiously waiting for their page to go live.

Planned for 2007:

All Danes awaiting a gallery page, (about 50), will be added very soon. Thank you for sending all the beautiful photos and bios. A new domain will be launched this year exclusively to host our forum. The new forum will included many updated features and is more user friendly than the free forum host currently in use. A new interactive module will be added so all visitors can instantly upload stories, images and info about their wonderful Danes, this will be similar to dogster. New, exclusive, products are in the works including Dane raincoats, safety vests, cooling coats and more! Many new informative articles will be published to address the hundreds of questions sent in via email.

Thank you again to all for making this site a success, without you, none of this would be possible.

Have a Great Day'n!

Jeff Z., Bruiser, Koda, & the Team

9-01-2006 Site News & Updates:

Special.. Hope you all had a wonderful Summer! It's back to business for many of us, including our team. Enjoying fun and sun, I'll be the first to admit that we are way behind on site updates and Great Dane news.

Since the launch of our second Dane photo gallery, (our last post below) and Summers first bash no less, site updates were sparse. Many Danes are here and waiting upload to our gallery. I'll be sure to make this our first priority.

Also, a quick reminder that deadline for our "Free Alpenhitze Coat Giveaway" is September 15th, 2006!

Have a wonderful Holiday weekend :)

The team

7-02-2006 Site News:

Prost, (German for "Cheers"), to all for continuing to send in your pics & photos! A second Great Dane gallery has been added to our site as the first topped out at 60-Danes and was becoming cumbersome for our dial-up friends. The new gallery is located on our site's left hand navigation menu. Have a wonderful Holiday and keep an eye on your pal around those fireworks.

6-28-2006 Great Dane News - New Dane Forum:

A big Dane welcome, to our newest forum Administrator, Cricket! Cricket has worked hard over the past week to "kick start" our young board. New litters just announced at the "breeder and show arena". We plan to add updates to this area of the forum as new puppies become available. The forum entrance is a few posts down, see "5-08-06 New Online Forum:", below.

6-12-2006 Coat Give Away:

We are giving away a free Alpenhitze", Great Dane dog coat! Yes we know it's summer but colder weather is just one season away, visit "This Page" for all the details.

6-3-2006 Moderators Needed:

We receive about 50 visitors per day at our forum/bulletin board. Initially built for breeders and rescue organizations to post litters & announcements, we would like to offer friendly Dane discussion, questions & answers. Between building our site, blogging, products, our gallery and everything else, we're a bit busy to actively participate at the board. If you feel you are knowledgeable and qualified to share your Dane experience, and have the time of course, we would love to speak to you regarding moderator privileges at our forum.

6-1-2006 Many New Pages:

Many new informative articles were published over the past month regarding "Great Dane Behavior", as well as, information on "Great Dane Activity". A new article on "Schutzhund Training" is also published.

6-1-2006 Great Dane News (bloat): Interesting piece on GDV (Bloat), genetics said to be the greatest factor.

5-8-2006 New Online Forum:

We started a new online bulletin board and forum as a resource for breeders & rescues to announce current litters and available Great Danes. You will find the forum entrance on "This Page", hope to see you there:)

4-15-2006 Great Dane News - New Pages:

New pages are up! On our left navigation menu, "Dane Behavior" will soon be your gateway to a variety of articles discussing interaction with kids, other pets, strangers and more. Also newly published, a Dane owners view of "Great Dane Size".

4-15-2006 Dane Collars, Site & Blog News:

Q & A's / Dane Collars - We've begun a Great Dane Q & A series at our blog based on the nearly 1,000 e-mails we replied to over the past year. A new post should go up every 3-days or so, check the "Blog" for some great reading and information.

Nice selection of training equipment including prong collars, leads, slip collars, stylish leather collars and show collars are now available.

4-15-2006 Great Dane News - Elevated Feeders:

We're exited to announce the release of our H-base, Elevated Feeder for Large Dog modification kits. With our kit, you can quickly transform your adjustable elevated feeder, to a 32-Inch Dane appropriate size.

3-23-2006 Great Dane News - Dane videos & clips:

New video clip page is published at "Dane Resources"! Check out the fun "Great Dane Video" clips and tv advertisements.

3-20-2006 GDCA, Great Dane News:

New kit to test for the merle gene may soon be available! We posted a "sticky" link to the page at "Dane Resources". What a breakthrough, read the GDCA President's letter following the provided link.

3-14-2006 Site News:

Photo Gallery Updates - 12 new wonderful Danes will join our gallery within the next few days, last update was February 21'st. If you submitted your photos after the 21'st, we have them and they are safe. Thank you for being so patient:)

2-3-2006 Update:

It's been a busy week here, our initial product launch is off & running. Links to seasonal breed rescue related promotions will now be posted on our home page. We have quite a few e-mails awaiting reply and many new friends to add to our gallery. We will make it a priority to "catch up" this weekend. Thanks again for your patience:)

2-1-2006 Site Updates:

A new article with information on Dilated Cardiomyopathy was added in January that we overlooked. Toward the bottom of the page there is a link to four stories that truly reveal how devastating this disease is.

1-29-2006 Announcement:

To those that have so kindly sent in photos this month, thank you. Our scheduled gallery update was delayed do to ISP outage, Comcast DNS servers were down Weds, Thursday & Friday, basically cutting us off from "web-work". Needless to say, service is restored and we are back, however, the gallery update will be pushed to allow for this week's long awaited launch of our "Alpenhitze" Great Dane dog coats. I apologize for the delay with the gallery update.

1-17-2006 Site updates and new video clip:

New article added, Great Dane news and discussion about the origin of our breed.

Stop in again soon for current Great Dane News and site updates!