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A Great Dane online community for first hand information boasting over 90-thousand helpful posts!

Friendly Dane Discussion..

Our friendly Great Dane online community of over 5000-members and 90-thousand posts is available to every all about Great visitor, friend & guest. Here you can browse an incredible information resource provided by life experience of actual Great Dane owners & enthusiasts!

UPDATE: As of 2013 we stopped approving new free memberships due to lack of forum participation. Our guess is that with the rise of "social media" people lost interest in the old "discussion forum" platform. However, a wealth of information contained in over 90 thousand posts remains published and makes for some great reading. Feel free to visit the forum and use the "forum search" tool to pull up old threads on a variety of topics.

In it's heyday our Great Dane online forum offered members the ability to..

  • •  Search over 90-thousand informative posts.
  • •  Ask a Dane specific question or visit our cafe.
  • •  Share experience and love for our breed with those new to Danes.
  • •  Meet Dane neighbors in our "regional" directories.
  • •  Read or post about Danes in need, adoptions & foster opportunities.
  • •  Post your organization's announcements and bulletins.
  • •  Introduce your kennel, puppies or upcoming litters.
  • •  Post your Dane photos and view thousands of member pics.
  • •  Create a custom profile similar to My Space.
  • •  Enjoy our real time chat rooms to meet and make new Dane friends.
  • •  Use our community calendar to post your special events.
  • •  Pay tribute to past companions on our "in memory" forum.
  • •  Post unwanted pet and non pet items at our "flea market".
  • •  Enjoy an ad free forum experience.
  • •  And so much more.

Here's the link to visit our Great Dane Online forum archive of information.

Why did I launch our Great Dane online discussion forum?

Just like many of you, I had joined a few of the "then popular" dog discussion boards over the span of a few years. While there were definitely some great communities online, some of the sites were kind of rude with a sense of entitlement. Certain communities seemed one sided leaning only towards the views of the board's administrators. Say the wrong thing, or ask the wrong question and they'd let you know it.

Here's a good example, try asking a training question that uses a correction technique on a board that promotes positive training methods. The result is often negative or unhelpful comments, persuasion to rethink your training, even blatant flaming. I've actually visited forums where it seemed the core group of members felt entitled to the Great Dane breed. Not a very nice atmosphere considering I know a bit about Danes. Imagine the precociousness of a breed newbie, or someone new to discussion boards.

Sound like a good idea?

It sure was and what we did was set up a categorized forum.. A discussion board in which all opinions were welcome and encouraged. These diverse forums included general breed information, health, nutrition, feedback, photos, tribute, even a non Great Dane area. We love all dogs and actually own three other breeds :)

Knowing we are all different, different people, different beliefs, different opinions, different levels of experience. Our plan to maintain a pay-it-forward, friendly, Dane like environment for our site visitors, (you), to congregate and enjoy open minded Dane discussion was a major success.

Hope you stop by the board and browse some of the old posts. There's absolutely a ton of Great Dane information that's ripe for the picking.

Here's that link again if you'd like to check it out.