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Great Dane Puppy Breeders of the Western States

Our West regional directory of Great Dane puppy breeders includes the States Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

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Great Dane puppy breeders of the West

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This region is quite expansive and we did not include every single kennel. Our intent is to focus on Great Dane puppy breeders that keep their sites updated and are actively breeding, not just showing Great Danes.

TIP: Additional breeders in the West can be found at the Great Dane Club of America's breeder index. Including, some great breeders that have not gone on line to with their programs.


Believe it or not there are Danes in Alaska such as "" and "" both breeding for (blue and black) pups. Rather a (harlequin or mantle) puppy?, check out "".

Additional Great Dane puppy breeders in Alaska include;

Susan Wyne
P.O. Box 770410
Eagle River, AK 99577
907-696-1217 or Email

Katie Edwards
Laurado Great Danes
P.O. Box 872627
Wasilla, Alaska 99687
907-373-1291 or Email

VeriCool Great Danes
P.O. Box 60886
Fairbanks, Alaska 99706-0886
907-455-6169 or Email


(fawn & brindle) breeders include Sunstrike, Pask Dane & Offshore Danes, "" while Great Danes of Lore has over 20-years breed experience. Located in Valley Springs, "" specializes in (blacks). For (blue and black) pups in CA, link to "". Great Dane puppy breeders with (harlequin and mantle) programs in California are "" (Daneridge Great Danes), "" (De Young Ranch Harlequins), and "" (Spotwerks Great Danes).


For (blue & black) pups in Colorado, contact "". Look no further than "" for sweet (harlequin & mantle) colored Danes.


Great Dane puppy breeders include Anadane "Danes", & PBJS Great Danes, however, neither have litters planned for 2006.


Based in Idaho, "" (Hauerdane Kennels), has actively bred (fawn & brindle) Danes since the early 1970's. In Eagle Idaho, "" (IO Great Danes), is on a quest for the perfect (mantle). On a small farm in Southern Idaho, Sam & Jenny of "" have been breeding (harlequins) for over 10-years, all dogs are fully health screened.


Nothing yet to add for Montana and we'd love to hear your suggestions.


Nevada is home to "", offering home raised puppies in (black, blue, harlequin, mantle & occasional blue merle) colors. Also, "" (WhiteShadow Great Danes), established in 1981, offering (harlequins & mantles).


In Salem, Oregon, "" specializes in (harlequin & mantles) and raises all litters in a home environment.


Oakar Danes of Utah, breeds (fawn & brindle) Great Danes, as well as horses. Additional Great Dane puppy breeders in Utah include "", offering (harlequins & mantles).


The State of Washington is home to "", breeding for (blue & black) litters while", breeds for (harlequin/mantle). Since 1988, "" (Notoriety & Equity Harlequin Great Danes), have raised their litters "in house" to assure proper character and temperament.


Nothing breeders added yet for Wyoming and we'd love to hear your suggestions.

To suggest a Western State breeders please send a note by visiting our "contact" page located on our site's top navigation menu. Active breeders are also encouraged to contact us.