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Great Dane Puppy Information Center

New Great Dane puppy? You're so lucky and we've got you covered with the info you need from A to Z! Searching for a puppy? Our breeder and rescue directories are a great place to start!

Beautiful fawn Great Dane puppy with black mask in a garden.

We're here to help with all you Great Dane puppy needs.

If this is your first Dane pup you're in for quite a ride! Amazingly, this creature, just a few pounds at birth, can weight over a hundred pounds and stand 30 inches tall to the withers in just one year!

You'll find in this section of our site all the information you need to nurture, nurish and guide your Great Dane puppy during this incredible growth phase both physically and mentally.

Follow in text links to pages of interest or use "related articles" links provided for all the information you need. All the best with your new puppy, enjoy the experience!

The Dane Puppy Experience

Whether you just arrived home with your very first Dane pup or you're like us haven been smitten by the breed and starting out with a new puppy, this section is for you. New to Danes and searching for a puppy or information on breeders? Links to related articles here will be an invaluable resource.

As you're aware we're all about Great Danes and the giant dogs we all know and love all start here. Our Great Dane puppy section includes informative articles on puppy training, diet, house breaking, potty training, crating and more. Plus, breeder and rescue resources and tons of other info we felt encompasses the care for a Dane pup.

I hope you enjoy this section and that it offers help with all aspects of your puppy, puppy care & search for a Great Dane puppy! As always, you can access articles of interest following in text links on this page or following "related articles" links in the right column. Your browser's back button or the breadcrumb trail at the bottom of every page will bring you back here:)

Your New Puppy, What to Expect the First Few Nights

Let's face it, no new puppy is a cake walk and Great Danes of course are no exception. You'll be faced with new challenges and your Great Dane pup may test your wit & patience. Right off the bat our Great Dane Puppy Training article can make those first few nights go a little easier. While we're on the subject of training, Puppy House Breaking will give you a leg up and hopefully help you avoid some pretty BIG puppy accidents.

Puppy Nutrition

What you feed your Great Dane puppy now will play a major role in development, namely, the rate your puppy grows to achieve its genetically programmed size.

e want to reach that size at a slow, steady pace to avoid complications with legs bowing and swollen, painful metacarpals.

Speaking of size, use our Great Dane Growth Chart to monitor the growth of your Dane and compare progress to breed averages.

Key to slow steady growth is to avoid high protein, high calorie kibble (We actually feed RAW). For additional information on Great Dane diet & nutrition including good brands for a Great Dane puppy don't miss our "Great Dane Diet" section following the link provided on our "Main Navigation Menu".

Puppy Training & Great Dane Training

Always start early with training, at least basic obedience. Something as simple as a "sit stay" is fine and any training is better than none. Great Danes can be a train wreck simply because they have the size and power to do so. Always condition calm in your puppy to the best of your ability. Follow tips and techniques discussed in our Great Dane Puppy Training article. We also suggest you visit our adult Great Dane training pages including "Training Great Danes" and "Dog Behavior Problem" all available in the main navigation menu.

Buying a Puppy or Searching for One?

There are quite a few articles here to help with your puppy search, plus some honest info on what to watch out for and links to breeders nation wide. Before you visit the Great Dane puppy breeder directories I'd suggest you start with our Great Dane for Sale article. Receive honest advice here and tips to help with your puppy search. Next, in our attempt to make sure you end up with a health dog, we recommend you read about Great Dane Breeders good & bad. Avoid a puppy mill dog by reading Puppy Mill need to know info. Also check out common Great Dane Health tests that breeders who care perform on their breeding stock and finish up with a small article on how to Register Your Dog with various kennel clubs.

Speaking of Great Dane health, our breed tends to be riddled with congenital issues which is in part, related to breeders & breeding practices. For additional info on many of these ailments check out our "Great Dane Health" section that's available on our main navigation menu.

Oh Yes.. Those Breeders..

Our breeder directories are broken up into the six geographical reqions of the United States. I guess this doesn't matter if the breeder will fly out their pups, it just seemed like a logical way to break it up.

Note that directories are still being updated as of our mobile friendly site re launch on 5/23/15 and we'll have them cleaned up very soon.

Great Dane Puppy breeder directories include;
[New England States] - [Mid Atlantic Region] - [Souther States]
[Midwest Region] - [Southwest States] - [West Region].

Good luck with your puppy search, we sincerely wish you all the best with your new Great Dane puppy. You are so lucky!