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Great Dane Rescue and Adoption Directory

Thank you for considering a Great Dane in need, the bond and special connection that awaits you will be extraordinary.

Is your heart set on a Great Dane rescue?

Their are hundreds of homeless Danes in need, many are living with foster families, others in kennels and rescue facilities. Every dog is individually unique, has its own history, and is rescued due to different circumstances. Yet they are all truly Great Danes, wonderful, people oriented companions that yearn to once again be amongst a family.

Run a Great Dane rescue?

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Great Dane Adoption and Breed Rescue Directory


[ Great Dane Rescue, Inc ]
(Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, & surrounding states, also Ontario, Canada)

ADOPTING A GREAT DANE: So you're on your way to adopt a Great Dane. Remember, every dog is in rescue for different reasons. There may be challenges with certain dogs while others, are just plain perfect. Thankfully, most adoption and rescue organizations do a thorough job collecting information about their new arrivals.


Alaska Dane Rescue
(907) 479-2121


Rescue of AZ Alliance [ ]
[ ] - Dane Savers Rescue
[ ] - Great Dane Club of Tucson
[ ] - Arizona Animal Assistance
[ ] - SW. Great Dane Rescue Resources (California, Arizona, & Southern Nevada)


[ ] - Arkansas Great Dane Rescue


See SW. GD Rescue (Arizona)


[ Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue ]
[ ] - Great Dane Assistance League, Inc.


Great Dane Club of Oxford - Connecticut Rescue


[ ] - MAGDRL "DE & PA Chapter"

Why give up a Great Dane? Could be the dog grew bigger than its family expected. Separation anxiety, destructive behavior, aggression, and other behavioral problems are all possibilities. Some people simply learn they can't afford the food cost, have a lifestyle change, a new baby, or need to relocate. Dane rescues will typically foster their dogs allowing the interim parents time to "get the goods". Assessments of behavior and character are evaluated before the dog will be offered. You may notice that many dogs pictured have the caption "not available", or "currently fostered". This fostering period allows the Great Dane rescue to work out behavior problems, socialize, tend to health issues, and get a general idea of what type of family will be right for each individual Dane. Ask for details about the Great Dane you are interested in prior to adoption. Quite often, this information is already on record, unless of course, he was a stray.


[ ] - Central Forida Great Dane Rescue
[ ] - Magic Great Danes, Inc.
[ ] - Big Dog Rescue
[ ] - Great Dane Rescue of South Florida
[ ] - Great Dane Rescue of NE Florida
[ ] - Great Dane Rescue of Tampa Bay


(Great Dane Rescue of the Mid-South)
GD Rescue Mid-South
5494 Franklin Goldmine Rd
Cumming, GA 30040
(770) 887-4417


Christy Enright
GDCA/GDC of Hawaii
45-179 A Lilipuna Rd
Kaneohe, HI 96744


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See Upper Midwest GD Rescue - (Minnesota)
[ ] - Great Dane Club of Des Moines

KS - Kansas

See Rocky Mountain GD Rescue - (Colorado)


[ ] - Harlequin Haven (Ohio, N. Kentucky, & E. Indiana)

The approval process: Every agency differs as to their requirements and conditions regarding adoption. Generally, you will be required to fill out an initial application, yes this is a process. Don't be disappointed, you probably won't be going home with a Dane the same day. Once your application is approved, be prepared to offer additional information and a possible home visit. The rescue may require you to provide references to medical history of dogs you already own. Many rescues won't allow adoption to families who have pets that are intact. (neither neutered or spayed) You may be asked for proof of home ownership, or a letter of permission from property owners if you rent. You may be required to provide proof of adequate containment system(s), such as fencing either structural or electronic. Many organizations will visit your home to verify information submitted with the application. Leash training and obedience classes are also mandatory with certain selective rescues.


[ ] - Bayou Great Dane Rescue


[ ] - Great Dane Rescue of Maine




[ ] - Great Dane Club of New England


[ Great Dane Rescue, Inc ] (Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, & surrounding states, also Ontario, Canada)


[ Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue ] (Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota)


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[ ] - Great Dane Lifeline of St. Louis, Inc.


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NE - Nebraska

See Rocky Mountain GD Rescue - (Colorado)


[ See SWGD Rescue - (Arizona)
[ ] - Great Dane Club of Las Vegas

New Hampshire

See the Great Dane Club of New England - (Massachusetts)

New Jersey

[ MAGDRL - New Jersy Chapter ]

NM - New Mexico

[ ] - Great Dane Rescue of the Southwest

New York

[ ] - Long Island Great Dane Rescue
[ ] - MAGDRL - New York Chapter

North Carolina

[ ] - MAGDRL - North Carolina Chapter
[ ] - Great Dane Rescue of The Carolinas

North Dakota

[ Upper Midwest GD Rescue ] - (Minnesota)


See Harlequin Heaven - (Kentucky)
See Great Dane Rescue Inc - (Alabama)
[ ] - Dogs2rescuE

Why such scrutiny? No one wants an adopted dog to be returned to the rescue. This will surely make matters worse and further confuse the animal as a growing bond is once again broken. The people who are involved with Great Dane rescue love Great Danes, they are passionate about their work and focused on placing these giants in a safe, loving home. Although their goal is common, the policies and routines of their organizations will differ. Don't worry, when all is said and done, you will be rewarded with the perfect dog for your family and lifestyle.


[ ] - Heartland Great Dane Rescue, Inc.


[ ] - Deaf Dane Rescue Inc
See Dane Outreach - (Washington)

PA - Pennsylvania

[ ] - MAGDRL (Pennsylvania Chapter)
[ Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue ]
[ ] - Great Dane Club of Pennsylvania / Dane Connection

Rhode Island

See the Great Dane Club of New England - (Massachusetts)

South Carolina

See MAGDRL - (North Carolina)
[ Great Dane Rescue of South Carolina ]
See GD Rescue of the Carolinas - (North Carolina)
[ ] - Charleston SC Area Great Dane Rescue

South Dakota

See Upper Midwest GD Rescue - (Minnesota)
See Idaho Great Dane Rescue ] - (Idaho)


[ ] - Great Creatures Rescue


[ ] - Great Dane Rescue of North Texas
See GD Rescue of the Southwest - (New Mexico)
[ ] - The Dane Angel Network
[ ] - Second Chance Equine & Dane Rescue
[ Etosha Rescue and Adoption Center ]
[ ] - Great Dane Foundation


[ ] - Utah Great Rescue Inc
See Rocky Mountain GD Rescue - (Colorado)


See Great Dane Club of New England - (Massachusetts)


[ Great Dane Rescue of the Commonwealth ]
See MAGDRL - Home Chapter - (Maryland)


[ ] - Dane Outreach
See Idaho Great Dane Rescue - (Idaho)

West Virginia

[ MAGDRL - WV Chapter ]


[ ] - Great Dane Rescue of Wisconsin
See Upper Midwest GD Rescue - (Minnesota)


See Utah Great Rescue Inc - (Utah)
See Rocky Mountain GD Rescue - (Colorado)

Canadian Resources

[ ] - Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services
[ ] - Danes in Distress
For Ontario, Canada area, see Great Dane Rescue Inc - (Michigan)

United Kingdom

[ ] - Great Dane Welfare
[ ] - Daneline Great Dane Rescue
[ ] - The Great Dane Adoption Society
[ ] - The Great Dane Rescue and Rehoming Center