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Great Dane Size

First hand opinions and description of Great Dane size as perceived actual by Great Dane owners.

Oh yes.. the Great Dane size factor!

Adult Great Danes from a physical perspective are indeed giant, I admit it. There are actually certain breeds of miniature ponies that are smaller! A mature Great Dane can rise to over 40 inches at the withers, weigh 150 to 200-pounds and stand on its hind legs a towering 7 feet tall!

Mantle colored baby Great Dane will be almost twice its size in a week or two.

Don't be fooled or misled by the appearance of a young Great Dane puppy. This cute mantle Great Dane pup will almost double its size within the next two weeks! Failure on your part to properly raise and train this cute little guy will result in a variety of Great Dane size related problems in the future, this is a fact.

Spend a little time here at and learn the tricks, techniques and methods that have helped us "grow our Danes" into respectful, well behaved giants. All the better, you will end up understanding Great Dane as if you personally came to know this wonderful companion animal.

From a Practical Point of View..

Those unfamiliar with Great Dane size and the intimidating stature often enquire, you must have a big house, how big is your yard? I'll admit that at times, the size of our Dane makes maneuvering within our home a bit challenging. I'm not sure if it's because of our boys size, or the average home in which we reside. Owning a home with an open floor plan is a benefit! Small rooms, corridors and entries can often result in "bottlenecks", or a change in your desired path.

Fortunately, Great Danes have a "built in" reverse gear. My family and I often laugh, when our Dane "backs up", one of us will emulate a beeping-sound, like a delivery truck backing from our driveway. I will also admit that Great Dane size seems to play a factor when traveling, especially on road trips which are more of a challenge if you aren't armed with a mini van, extended cab pick up, or full size SUV. Many dog friendly hotels are not friendly to Great Danes for whatever reason. Phoning ahead to let them know you're lodging with a Dane is always good practice.

A comparison of this Dane, Doberman, Rottweiler trio truly illustrates the massive size of a mature Great Dane.
Here we have an awesome comparison of Great Dane size with this Dane, Doberman, Rottweiler trio. For more on Great Dane size and development, don't miss our Great Dane growth chart available at the Great Dane puppy section of our website :)

Would you believe, I was once kicked out of a Home Depot because of our Great Dane? My young Daughter was holding Bruiser's lead while I was loading a lumber cart. All the while smaller dogs where being carted around like they were frequent shoppers! As I asked the security guards "why?", they responded, "He's too big and is scaring customers!". Little did they know that the Chihuahua tucked under my jacket was really upset ;)

The interesting thing about Great Dane size is..

If you get a puppy, grow with it, live, nurture and enjoy the experience each and every day, you wont see a mature Great Dane as big! It's the weirdest thing. All the comments, "he's huge", "wow", "oh my gosh", are all too funny actually. Great Dane size is trivial once you "grow up" with a Dane. Somehow, some way, this breed will achieve a mature stature and size that in an odd sense seems normal. Training and conditioning is key however, should your Dane develop behavioral problems, your opinions about the size of your dog will increase exponentially.

Here's a photo of a Great Dane counter surfing while awaiting a treat from its favorite pack member :)

Take a look at this mature male pictured to the left. At a normal stance this hound can easily clear your counter tops or table.

If not taught proper "in house" behavior and boundaries, an innocent bottle of diet pills, a knife, or hot frying pan are easy picking and can all become hazardous to your Great Dane.

Reflecting on life with a horse size dog, "in others eyes that is", and in hind sight. We've never had a problem with the size of our big guy, he is quite and stealth while sneaking around the house at night. Loud and thunderous when running, jumping, playing and excited. Small, gentle, tiny and unobtrusive while engaging our smaller pack members.

Great Dane size is a "7'th wonder" to those non aware or familiar with our breed. For people that care for, or own a Dane, it's like knowing a normal sized dog.

I'd Bet..

After time passes I can pretty much guarantee that size won't even be a factor. Although others will stop, stare and comment, it's like owning any other dog. You'll be bewildered when you find your massive canine has somehow figured a way to curl up on (1) couch cushion. You have to live it to believe it.

What a ride! (No pun intended)