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Great news! This page is interactive, meaning EVERYONE can share their Great Dane story here. Matter of fact, I'll be editing my entire web site over the next few months to allow everyone to add and build their own pages.

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The icon to the left of this paragraph and on every interactive page indicates there's a submission form on the page to share your Dane experience! I love this and it's been a while since I've caught up on web site edits. Thanks to all for the emails and phone calls over the years. Let's grow together as Dane Guardians and share the love for our breed :)

Continuing my story..

Your a Contractor, (like me) and you arrive at a client with your Great Dane riding "shotgun".

So you pull up the drive and your "apprentice" sticks his head out the passenger side window, what a sight! You're asked, "Is he friendly?, can you let him out?". "Of course", you reply, knowing your giant Great Dane would be thrilled to interact, maybe even help with the work:)

TIP: Many more Dane stories are available at our "Great Dane temperament" page:)

After an hour or so of turning a screwdriver, in the attic no less, you realize that you forgot to put your Dane back in the truck. In a frantic panic, you squeeze through the attic scuttle hole and make your way down to the front door.. Only to find a calm, amused, giant Dane interacting with its temporary family, yet ever aware and patiently awaiting your return:)

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