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Great Dane Temperament Revealed

Great Dane temperament can be summed up as very unique to say the least. Please live the life "Dane Life" by enjoying these documented accounts based on real life events..

Great Dane with a very calm temperament at a public beach in Connecticut.

Let's live the Dane experience together..

We'll do this below with a compilation of first hand accounts focusing on temperament and character of Great Danes. These short paragraphs are based on site visitors' e-mails, discussions, local Dane friends, and our own personal experiences. We had a tough time deciding on which stories to choose so I hope you enjoy.

I trust you'll find in with this page that a Great Dane's personality is often ideal for human companionship and nominates the breed a wonderful candidate as a new family member. That is however, if you follow some common sense advice on conditioning such a large powerful dog. Don't worry, everything you need is among the 300 pages of info found here at all about Great Danes!

Great Dane temperament and an intoxicated visitor:

We were spending the last official Sunday of summer at a park on the Connecticut River, relaxing with family, playing Frisbee, and mingling with many park patrons. Suddenly, there is a loud slurred shout, "You need to put a saddle on that thing"! Slowly, out of the wood line, comes a man who is obviously intoxicated and quite boisterous. After repeating the call in a hearty, drunken tone, he eventually approaches our picnic table. In a near stupor, it is obvious he is more a danger to himself than my family and the 100 or so people scattered about the park.

What happens next is an absolute riot. It seems the guy is feeling bullet proof and he decides to approach our male Great Dane for some horseplay (no pun intended). We are all watching carefully as our Dane has never experienced this behavior. Without hesitation, our big male Great Dane playfully romps, rolls, and knocks this poor guy around for a good couple of minutes. All the while, this guy keeps laughing while being man handled by our massive boy. We eventually recall our dog realizing this guy could get injured accidentally.

Our Dane loves just about everyone and has always been tolerant of strangers. Not a push over by any sense, just ask the crew of that big noisy truck that steals our garbage once a week! Somehow our Dane knew this stranger was no threat, either by our body language and emotion, or that of our visitors. Had I commanded "watch him", we are certain the stranger's approach would have been intervened. Either way, our boy had it covered.

Great Dane temperament vs. a home security system:

Knowing this gentle giant is within our home helps us rest easy during the mid of night. Ironically, keeping movements stealth and silent, our giant watchful protector follows her routine. Ever faithfully making the rounds to check on our sleeping family, almost unnoticeable, except for the occasional creaking floor. Soon, she will arrive at her safe place, an over-sized, over stuffed, giant dog bed.

"Knowing this animal is among you is a blessing in itself."

Seldom spooked and always aware, unfamiliar sounds or scents are announced with a low rumble, like the sound massive Grizzly Bear, or rolling thunder in the distance. A true asset to Great Dane temperament as an all-out BARK will rattle the bedroom windows.

Great Dane temperament and human emotion:

Our boy is huge and could certainly have his way with most people!

On the contrary, he is loyal and dedicated, always aware of our moods and body language. Surprisingly timid and submissive towards our friends and visiting family. The ears are a giveaway of his emotions. A stern look or command and our observant Dane will lay his ears back in an understanding way.

Great Dane temperament and kids:

Where's the kids?

Its been a hot steamy summer for us here in New England. Most families are hustling to get their children back to school. For our Great Dane this is a season long awaited. Finally! We make our daily walks to the bus stop to send our Daughter off to school. Standing proudly on lead, we both watch as the children disappear and the yellow shape fades. Eventually, late morning activities wind down and the afternoon draws near, finally it's time..

We head out for the bus stop, I'm trying my best to keep things calm, giving in a little to the taught leash, fully understanding the excitement, anticipation, and Dane energy as we rumble forward. Standing tall, ears at attention, eyes focused down the road reflecting the late Summer sun. Awaiting the appearance once again of the yellow bus, and the delivery of our children. At last! What a commotion! We smile as we watch him soak in the hugs, pats, squeezes and cheers of the neighborhood gang. Great Danes live for these moments!

Great Dane temperament and strangers:

Great Danes have an uncanny ability to interpret your every emotion and are usually OK with most visitors. On the contrary, they are known as ferocious, valiant, powerful defenders if faced with a real life threat.

Great Dane temperament and their demeanor:

The elegant, graceful movement at times may be hijacked by a new-found burst of puppy energy. Regal, graceful, agile, aloof, goofy, and clumsy, pretty much sums it up. A legitimate fur kid, our Dane wants nothing more than to be a part of the family and is always ready to go. Yet she is just as content to sleep away a rainy day while we go about our household chores.

Great Dane temperament in public:

You will be amazed at the gentleness the breed is capable of and its calm confidence in public among strangers. Walking proudly along a public trail, pacing the fields of a state park, walking a sandy beach, or filing in amongst the crowds at the Fourth of July parade. Meeting children eye-to-eye, greeting a small infant in a stroller, calmly, gently, confidently, being a Great Dane.

Nothing is perfect:

Dane ownership may also expose you to things like flatulence, shedding, slobber, and health worries that can linger in the back of your mind. Yet the total devotion and unconditional companionship you receive from a Dane make up for the negatives.

Great Dane temperament and the social scene:

For those that are single or are having a tough time meeting people, a Dane is quite the head turner. Take a Dane out for a walk, you will meet tons of people! You can forget those on-line dating services, trust us on this:)

In a nutshell:

When considering a Great Dane please remember, they are truly people dogs, "fur kids", that desire and drive to bond with humans. Great Dane temperament is a result of centuries of selective breeding. You will be rewarded with so much more than a dog. Consequently, if you are unable to offer the level of human contact the Great Dane yearns for, please consider another breed.