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Great Dane Video Clips

For your entertainment, enjoy the clips!

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Sure, these Great Dane video clips are all available on the web but don't waste time searching. We've included all the clips and Dane related TV commercials we could find right here. Believe me, some of these files took many hours of searching to find.Hope you enjoy.

First, a couple of things we should mention..

1. Some of the Great Dane video clips are hosted at sites that have a large video library, such as the "baby sitter" clip. Understanding that our website is meant for all age groups including kids, we're asking a favor. If you come across anything even slightly inappropriate on any of these sites, please let us know, thanks.

2. Since we don't have the capacity to host the files here on our site, we can only link you to the video clip. All of the clips worked fine when tested using Windows Media Player(9). With each link, we have listed any additional resources required for the Great Dane video clips to play properly.

3. All links on this page open in a new browser! For pop-up blocker help, see "Dane News" or "Dane resources":)

On to the Dane videos and TV commercials..

Here is a Great Dane video of Gibson, the Guinness Book record holder for largest dog. This Great Dane video clip plays on an embedded player, quality is a bit poor but a neat clip non the less. Please allow a few seconds for the media to buffer.

Miller Lite ran this TV advertisement featuring a fawn Dane a few years ago, what would you do for a cold beer? When you link out, select your desired player from the drop down menu then click play.

Here's a short AKC video featuring harlequin, brindle, black & fawn Danes in action. There is no sound, the clip will appear in a small window, simply click play.

Westminster change the code on their site so the new Great Dane video won't play automatically, you need to select the clip manually from their index.

Video was removed by Starburst, we'll post the link again when available:)
This TV advertisement by Starburst, Ernie the klepto, features a fawn Great Dane. It's a nice quality clip with sound, awesome commercial. The video will not start automatically, of the three navigation buttons to the right, the Dane clip is the second one down.

Hope you enjoyed the clips, we will add more as we uncover them.