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Great Danes and Small Pets, Really?

Wondering if Great Danes and small pets is a recipe for disaster?

You've seen it, you've heard it's possible and you're right!

Great Dane and chihuahua.

By now you may have noticed many of our site graphics include other small animals. Some of you have written us asking how we have accomplished the necessary level of trust between our Great Dane and smaller family pets.

There is a popular garden statue that captures the inquisitive, good hearted spirit of Great Danes perfectly. Featured, is a Great Dane lying down, mesmerized by a small butterfly fluttering above.

To be honest, I don't think many Danes would hurt that butterfly, except by accident of course. The breed however does maintain a prey drive that like all other characteristics, will vary in degree per individual personality as passed through its ancestry and lineage.

We must warn! You can't just bring home a Great Dane and NOT expect it to tear around your house after the family cat! Conditioning your Dane to behave gently around small animals is a process.

Great Danes and small pets.

Emphasis should be made to keep a calm, gentle body language and overall attitude while Great Danes and small pets interact. Great Danes will key in on this and eventually, their good nature should take over.

Great Danes and small pets overview..

Beginning with a new puppy and letting him grow with other small animals is a plus. If you acquire an older dog, be careful as we cannot be certain of the dogs character and upbringing.

Summarizing the Great Dane and its compatibility with other pets, the breed in general is somewhat more tolerant of other creatures. Allot has to due with how the dog is raised yet overall, harmony within your home should be achievable.

Brindle Great Dane with a bird on its back.
You'll be amazed one day when you can't locate your Dane, only to walk into your Daughter's room and find him silently sitting there, nose to glass, captivated by a small pet hamster in its aquarium. The funny thing is.. he's been sitting there quietly for hours:)

As a general rule, which applies to Great Danes and all dogs, common sense, socialization, preparation and supervision are keys to blissful coexistence between all animals. An adult dog that hasn't been socialized with other animals could be a problem. When raising a Great Dane puppy amongst other pets, the animals will be viewed as part of your home and will never be perceived "out of the ordinary".

Pretty amazing stuff!