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New England Great Dane Breeder Directory

Includes Great Dane breeder listings for Northeastern United States, New England States.

New England landscape image.

Searching for a New England Great Dane breeder?

Breeders with websites are limited in this region, be sure to check the GDCA's breeder index for more breeder listings. Additional resources are available at the Great Dane Club of New England's web site.

New England is a relatively small area, the six states in this region are Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island & Vermont. Spanning approximately 67,000 square miles, the entire region would fit nicely into the state of Oklahoma.

Why is a New England Great Dane Breeder so rare? Could be with over 260 Colleges and Universities - 28,000 farms - 100 covered bridges & 50,000 miles of stone walls, folks around here are just too busy:) Who knows, we did our best to dig up as many "live" sites as we could. Make it a point to check the two links above for a New England Great Dane breeder, they do exist yet many don't have websites.

Tip: If breeder links are not "live", simply "copy & paste" the "BOLD URL" in a new browser, NO quotations (""):) Note that links are set to open in a new browser window so be sure to allow pop-ups on this page.


In Connecticut both "" & "" offer (harlequin, mantle, & black) puppies.

For (blue & black) pups, check out "" of Quaker Hill, CT. You can also try The Great Dane Club of Oxford, CT if you run out of leads.


Did you know Maine reaps an annual lobster harvest exceeding 23-million pounds!

"", offers natural eared, home raised (harlequins & mantles). For (fawn) Dane puppies in Maine, "" is the place.


Breeders in Massachusetts include "", for (harlequin, mantle, black & merle), and Tolam Danes (harlequin & mantle). As always, harlequin breeders will usually have a few merle pups running around.

New Hampshire:

For a New England Great Dane breeder in New Hampshire try "", for (blue, black, fawn, brindle & harlequin) pups. With all those colors they'll most likely will have (merles) running around as well. Also "", who breed (harlequins & mantles) and are actively involved in showing.

Rhode Island & Vermont:

We drew a blank folks in Rhode Island and Vermont with no on line resources to offer. There are breeders in these states however without websites. Use the links at the top of this page and on our Great Dane for Sale page to chase information and contact numbers.

New Submissions: If you are a breeder, or know of a New England Great Dane breeder that should be added to our directory, please write us. We'll review all suggestion and add appropriate info to this page right away.