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Pet Food Ingredients in Low Quality Dog Food - Beware

Revealing the facts and uncovering the truth about poor quality pet food ingredients

Please Be Aware

Disregarding the horrible pet food ingredients you will see listed below, poor quality feeds are mostly grain based. These grains, when consumed by a carnivore will be metabolised by its body into sugars. Dogs don't process sugar very well. This excess sugar can lead to build up of ammonia on the brain which ironically can lead to behavior issues such as a hard to train, or out of control dog.

Even worse, sugars can feed certain cancers in dogs and lead to a variety of other health problems such as canine diabetes, kidney and other organ diseases. This is something you should keep in mind if you're considering a poor quality grocery store brand food for your pet.

Poor Quality Commercial Pet Food Ingredients

The commercial pet food industry is absolutely booming with little regulation to assure quality. Commercial pet food sales are over 20 billion dollars a year (This figure was in 2005 when I launched Commercial kibble and manufacturing of poor quality pet food is the perfect outlet for the slaughterhouses as it provides buyers for their waste product!

This waste may include any or all of the following:
Scraps, floor and wall wash down slurry, organs, diseased and cancer ridden animal parts, (could be any animal), and whatever is contaminated or not fit for human consumption. Let's not forget grains and the waste produced by processing mills.

Waste from mill processing may include:
Spoiled grains, wheat and left over fillers that again, would only be disposed of with no revenue received.

Would you give such things to your family for Sunday dinner, or to your family dog?

Poor Quality Pet Food Ingredients Revealed

In addition to waste ingredients many of the "main stream", low cost dog foods may contain any of the following additives:
Anti caking agents, Antimicrobial agents, Artificial colors, Curing agents, Drying agents, Emulsifiers, Firming agents, Flavor enhancers, Flavoring agents, Flour treating agents, Formulation aids, Humectants, Leavening agents, Lubricants, Non nutritive sweeteners, Sweeteners, Oxidizing agents, Reducing agents, pH control agents, Processing aids, Solvents, Stabilizers, Thickeners, Finishing agents, Synergists, Texturizers, Cereal grains, Restaurant grease, Corn and much more! I could ramble on for half a page but you get the picture.

Obviously, the commercial pet food industry is all about profit. Most commercial pet food companies are owned by huge national conglomerates who's names I won't mention due to legalities. Fact is, these manufacturers buy leftover, scrap animal parts, spoiled grains and fillers for next to nothing. They mix in additives, spray it down with yummy tasting grease, and sell it to millions of families as food for their dogs. All for what? A nice chunk of that 20 billion dollars!

How would we know? Surely not by the plump chicken, fresh veggies and lean beef often shown on packaging of low cost pet food. Heck, it looks nutritious.. Until you flip the bag and read the ingredients and realize, we should not be feeding Great Danes or any dog this over processed low nutritional value food.

The Industry "Is" Changing

Over the past decade pet lovers Worldwide have become educated and certain dog food manufacturers have attempted to clean up their act. Walk in any decent pet store these days or search on line, you'll find many brands of pet food that actually contain some half way decent ingredients. Problem is, these brands are typically top dollar and many consumers just aren't willing to shell out hard earned cash for a good feed. Do you think they've read this article?

MORE INFO: To assist in understanding pet food labels and on how to choose dog food is available on our "Feeding Great Danes" main page both "in text" and right column "related articles".

Making a decision on the best food to serve both your budget and your dog is totally up to you. By paying forward some of the facts about poor quality pet food ingredients I can only hope this helps you with your decision.