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Archived Pet Insurance Reviews - 2005

For updated pet insurance reviews and our current top Great Dane health insurance picks, please visit our updated Best Dog Insurance page.

This article is an archive. Back in June of 2005, we promised to look into the numerous pet health insurance plans and provide guidance for site visitors. This was our way of helping those considering, or choosing dog medical insurance for their fur kids.

That's exactly what we did with our pet insurance reviews! We got the scoop, dug up that facts, surveyed, phoned, and uncovered three great companies, each unique in its own way.

For current Great Dane recommended health insurance plans visit our Best Dog Insurance page.

Pet Insurance - Fully Loaded

Petshealth Care Plan provides full coverage, let's take a look..

  • Plans rang from 12, to 64-dollars a month.
  • Four levels of coverage from major illnesses and injuries, through spay, neuter, wellness exams, vaccinations and prescriptions.
  • Includes lost & found tag and pet recovery service.
  • Pay 80% of allowable charges after the $100 annual deductible.
  • NO pre-policy exam required.
  • Dogs are eligible from 8-weeks old to 13-years old.
  • Dog is covered for life, however, premium surcharges may be added as the dog ages.

The verdict: A solid, full coverage Great Dane health insurance policy. Generous 80% coverage on Veterinary expenses and a low 100-dollar yearly deductible per dog.

Different plan levels allow you to choose the coverage options and premium cost that best suits your needs. Quick 15-day reimbursement of veterinary costs once the proper paperwork is filed.

There are the underwriters however, things like "congenital/hereditary", "reasonable and customary expenses", that if fully understood, makes this a nice policy.

Veterinary Discount Programs

Additional Great Dane health insurance programs like the one offered by Pet Assure yield a fixed discount on Veterinary costs and other pet related purchases. A nice alternative to dog medical insurance, dog medical insurance programs of this type have a very low monthly fee, your coverage is a fixed percentage discount of Veterinary bills, as well as misc. pet services and product purchases.

The basics of Pet Assure's program.

Veterinary Savings.
  • Just present your Pet Assure card at time of payment at any of our thousands of vets nationwide and receive a 25% discount on all veterinary services.
Save on products and accessories.
  • Just present your Pet Assure card at thousands of participating merchants and service providers and receive discounts of up to 30% on all your purchases including pet food, supplies, boarding, grooming, sitting, training, treats, toys, kitty litter, vitamins, etc.
Boarding and Grooming savings.
  • Receive coupons on local pet services (such as grooming and boarding).
Pet recovery assistance.
  • When someone finds your lost pet, our fully confidential 24-hour service will reunite you with your pet.
  • Over all low monthly premiums with an annual premium option.
  • Lite plan available for a fraction of the cost of a full plan.
  • No exclusions such as breed specific surcharges, pre existing conditions, age limitations.
  • Membership is activated as soon as you receive your membership materials.

Drawbacks: You must choose from a list of participating providers. Out of pocket Veterinary costs will be high if faced with a medical emergency such as GDV (bloat), car accident, or surgeries.

Great Dane health insurance - Minus The Fat

Our overall favorite Great Dane health insurance plan. This plan covers what's most important and gives us peace of mind that a major illness, or injury, will not force us to "make a choice" due to financial ruin.

After all, we were aware about the cost of yearly routine medical bills when we bought our dogs. It's things like bloat, broken legs, joint injuries etc., these are the unforeseen expenses that can really break the bank.

Quick Care's Dog Health Insurance plan keeps the premiums low by eliminating basic Veterinary coverage such as wellness exams and vaccinations. Quick Care focuses on major illnesses, accidents, and emergencies, just like a human type major medical plan.

  • Four levels of coverage are available with different deductibles to meet your specific needs.
  • A senior plan is also available.
  • Comprehensive accident and illness coverage.
  • Enrollment can begin at 8-weeks and is possible up to 8 years of age (6 years of age for "Select" breed dogs).
  • When you enroll your dog in QuickCare Preferred before the age of 8 (age 6 for "Select" breed dogs) coverage continues for the rest of his life.
  • Use the Licensed Veterinarian of Your Choice.
  • Flexible and Accessible Illness Benefits Protection that covers a wide range of illnesses.
  • There are no maximum annual illness benefit restrictions, and you choose when and how you use your illness benefits.
  • Comprehensive coverage of veterinary fees such as prescribed medication, x-rays, surgeries, hospitalization, ultra-sounds, MRI/CAT scans, homeopathic treatments including acupuncture and chiropractic, chemotherapy and referrals.
  • Fast Claims Turn-Around processed within five business days of our receiving and approving your completed claim with supporting documentation.

Quick Care offers an overall solid Great Dane health insurance plan with 4-levels of coverage, definately worth a look.

Important Information

This is an archived page completed in 2005. For updated pet insurance reviews and our top recommended Great Dane health insurance picks, please visit our Great Dane Health Insurance page.