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jZ Canine/ aaGD Powder Coated Dog Feeder Customizing & Complete Specifications

Customize you powder coated dog feeder with colors, glitter clear powder top coat and configurations to serve dogs with special needs!

Build you powder coated dog feeder the way you want it, after all, this investment will last a lifetime.

Powder coated dog feeder black with silver glitter clear coat.

All powder coated dog feeders can be customized with colors, glitter clear powder top coat and configurations to serve dogs with special needs.

Medical Needs: Please email me by visiting our "Contact" page or call 508-538-1150 if you have a dog with Megaesophagus or other special needs requiring tilted bowls and custom configurations.

Slow feed bowls and non spill water bowls are also options, please write or call Jeff for a quote. You can also jump back to the "Elevated Dog Feeder" main sales page and link out to our new site jZ Canine. Many of these custom options are available at jZ Canine and can be ordered right from the website.


Black Powder coating is our standard feeder finish. However, you can request a custom color or a silver glitter clear powder top coat using the drop down menus at either of our websites. Here's a black feeder with silver glitter clear coat applied and baked over the black.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a process which uses dry color powder that is electrically charged to bond to a metal surface. It's the most durable, scratch-resistant finish available with the hardness of chrome. Feeders are first shot blasted, then coated with electrically charged powder, and finally baked at 450-degrees to fully cure the finish. Learn more about powder coat finishes here. (Off site link opens in new window)

The high gloss shine of our feeder is embedded resisting scratches and dents. Cleaning is a breeze, simply spray with Windex, or your favorite surface cleaner and wipe off with a soft cloth. Every all-about-Great-Danes/ jZ Canine powder coated dog feeder will last a lifetime.

Important: If you are purchasing a custom color here at all-about-Great-Danes, YOU MUST add your desired color as a *special message* during PayPal check out! If ordering from jZ Canine, many of the colors are available to be selected by drop down menu.

Should a color you select at either site be unavailable, we'll contact you by email or phone to discuss alternate colors or ask you if you'd like a refund.

Additional Feeder Specifications

Our elevated dog feeder is hand crafted in the USA by skilled New England craftsman. Next they're shot blasted, coated and baked in your color, inspected, fitted with hardware, carefully package and shipped to you!

I can assure you will not find a powder coated dog feeder this tall, this sturdy, of this high quality anywhere, be it in pet stores, boutiques, or on the world wide web. We do not advertise! Our feeders are available through (and now jZ Canine), and by word of mouth reference only :)

Our elevated dog feeder to anything else available in today's market. Most have a boxy design, take up too much space, are wooden with a finish that will tarnish, rot, harbor bacteria and get moldy over time due to water intrusion.

Ships To:
Ships local and world wide! We have shipped our powder coated dog feeders since 2005 as far away as Cyprus, Slovenia, South Africa, New Zealand and will ship to both US Domestic & International locations.

OUR FEEDERS are THE BEST.. And incredibly durable black powder coated finish is standard! Our feeders are fully adjustable and guaranteed for the life of your dog!

Construction Specs:
Tower is welded heavy gauge steel. Wide base with thick rubber feet secure the station in place, our elevated dog feeder will not slip, tip, or be knocked over by your hungry friend.

Two 5-quart bowls provide ample capacity for food and water, even for kibble fed dogs and those that free feed. The 10-quart total capacity can easily hold a days worth of food & water.

TRIPLE 5-quart elevated dog feeder is available, that's 15-quart capacity, WOW! And, a double and triple 3-quart design is ideal for raw fed dogs or mid size breeds. Bowls are included with the feeder and either ship with the feeder or drop ship separately. PVC bowl-ring edge guard, 40-Mil rubber bracket & base pads plus nylon thumb wheel tip assure no "metal to metal" contact.

Stainless bowls can be set as low as 1" off the floor, our feeders will grow with your dog and are guaranteed for life under normal use.

Powder Coated Finish:
Standard finish is black powder coating and custom colors are available upon request to match your homes Decor. Featured image on this page is of a black feeder with clear silver glitter top coat yet color choices end with your imagination & creativity.

More Feeder Specifications For The Technical Minded

Adjustable Bowl Bracket:
Is constructed with 1/4" & 3/8" wall steel. Stainless steel bowls (included), are held snug by bowl bracket that has the top edge covered with PVC automotive grade edge-guard. This simple, yet well thought out feature cushions the bowls and prevents rattling against the steel bracket.

A four-point thumb wheel allows for easy adjustment of bowl elevation. Adjustment bolt is 1/4-20 thread finished with a nylon cap to protect riser finish when tightened. Unlike imported H-base double diner feeders, our bowl bracket is 100% welded, not stamped. 3/8" steel is then drilled and tapped to accept the thumb wheel bolt.

To streamline our powder coated dog feeder, give it a low profile and center of gravity, and offer a more contemporary appearance, two half inch diameter solid steel rods are used for the base, in lieu of typical square tubing.

Ever hear the saying, "You get what you pay for."? Exactly! Our elevated dog feeder is not mass produced or imported from other countries where labor is pennies on the dollar. Our adjustable feeder is 100% welded heavy steel that is professionally shot blasted and powder coated to last a lifetime. Finish is hard as chrome, will not stain, ding, chip, scratch or rust unless severely abused.

Base rods are spaced 19-inches apart creating a solid foundation while offering ample room for a dog to stand comfortably at the tower. To prevent slipping and protect your expensive wood floors, base rods are finished with thick rubber "crutch tips". Base rods are 16" deep and welded to a 1.5" x 1/4" solid steel center bracket creating a solid, low profile foundation. The entire base of our elevated dog feeder stands less than 1.25" off the floor.

Riser is sturdy 1-inch square of 18-gauge (16th-wall) steel and is finished with a plastic, "internal" furniture end cap.