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Creative Ideas For The Perfect Puppy Name

Stuck and out of ideas trying to name your puppy? This short page may be of help.

Black and white image of a Great Dane puppy on a woman's back.

New Puppy Name Have You Stumped?

Here's a very short page we hope may help out if you're stumped on a puppy name.

Don't forget we have many more pages available to help with puppy names and some real good lists of both English and German names. Jump back to our Dog Names main page for access. I promise you'll be happy you did:)

One-syllable names like Jack and Max make learning and recognition somewhat easier for your dog. A two-syllable puppy name will also work because your dog will detect the first syllable sound.

Avoid names that sound similar to your basic obedience commands, sit, stay, down, come, heel, etc. Names like Brownie or Neil are examples, choosing dog names like these could confuse the pup, unless you like challenges:)

Try to give your dog a name that is different in sound than names of your family members. Your dog will get confused with a similar sounding name and won't know you are calling him or her.

Think of a name that's catchy and is easy to call when out; you'll be using it in public very often to recall your Dane puppy!

Consider choosing a name based on your breeds history or your dogs character. Quake, short for earthquake for a huge Great Dane that shakes the floors when running across the living room. Dagmar for your female Great Dane in honor of her German heritage.

How about a puppy name based on your dog's behavior like Zoomer, Dash or Thrash?

Plan for growth, your Great Dane will be huge as an adult, choosing dog names like Tiny or Peanut will be quite ironic when your dog is full grown, unless of course you planned it that way:)