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Why a Quality Dog Jacket?

Great question and we'll cover the relationship of a quality dog jacket and your dog's health. Plus the importance of keeping your dog warm in cold Winter temperatures.

A quality dog jacket is a must for certain dogs in cool to cold climates.

Alpenhitze™ Polartec Quality dog jacket for active dogs.

Although I'll be the first to admit, people sometimes wonder why such a huge impressive dog like our Dane is sporting an Alpenhitze™ coat, especially on days when it's not too cold.

Maybe we spoil him a bit:)

We often are asked, "where did you get that coat"?, and further told that our coats look like they were purchased at a high end mountain sports store. I guess when a quality dog jacket is custom built to measurements, using the finest material, of which a small pair of woman's gloves retail for over forty dollars, we should expect these type of comments :)

You know it's obvious that our breed is short haired and many Danes show a bit of skin on the underside. Going beyond comfort and warmth, there are additional benefits to a quality dog jacket you may not be aware of.

From a physiological perspective, when canines are active, muscles get "hot".. full of blood. As exercise ends, their body begins its cooling cycle and muscles revert to their relaxed state. If outdoors on a cold day, this can happen prematurely and inhibit the body's natural process of flushing lactic acids from various muscle groups. Many muscle and joint injuries occur during this period.

Ever watch a football game and notice the players riding a stationary bicycle, or wearing a team pull over when they're off the field? They are making every attempt to keep muscles warm and let them cool slowly.

With extremely deep chested breeds like a Great Dane, respiratory ailments can also be brought on by cold weather. You can see why coats for Great Danes are so important, even more so for a non athletic, less active, or elderly dog.

Why the frequent references to "quality"? A quality dog jacket is a coat that is wearable and allows your dog's body to maintain proper temperature. There a too many coats available that are designed poorly, or use the wrong material. Many inferior coats can actually restrict range of movement or worse, cause a dog to over heat.

I always smile when we're in from a cool Fall day and I notice one of our dogs has fallen asleep wearing their Alpenhitzeâ„¢ coat:)

That's the beauty of a quality dog coat like Alpenhitze™! It fits, is not thick or heavy, does not bunch up or restrict motion. We've hit a home run with this design as those who have purchased know. Should you have any questions about the design and construction of our Alpenhitze™ coat, or any other all-about-Great-Danes/ jZ Canine product, please get in touch. You can send an email by visiting our "Contact" page located in the top navigation menu, or call any time.