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Benefits of a Raised Dog Feeder

A raised dog feeder offers comfort to your giant breed during one of its favorite activities.. EATING! But that's not the only benefit and you may be surprised at some of them!

So what are the other benefits of a raised dog feeder and should you even care?

Harlequin Great Dane puppy feeding from jZ Canine adjustable elevated feeding tower while outside on landscaped patio


Arthritic dogs and those with painful orthopedic ailments, neck and spine conditions will appreciate being able to stand upright, in a normal position while dining. Dogs with conditions such as megaesophagus and similar health problems that make swallowing difficult will also benefit, as gravity helps food down the esophagus.

You may notice that dogs eating from a floor level bowl will gulp at their food and water. When gulping, a dog is unintentionally swallowing air with their meal and trapping it within the digestive tract. The "gulped" air leads to discomfort and gas. You may even hear your dog belch, you'll easily smell the other gas:)

A raised feeding station is "user friendly", feeding your giant breed up off the floor makes cleaning and refilling the station a snap.

On average, a dog owner, over their pets lifespan, will perform 30-thousand squats while serving Fido in floor level bowls.

Bacteria levels are also reduced as your dog will not drip water, or drop food crumbs on the feeding area of a floor standing bowl. Our simple compact raised dog feeder design is highly superior to those wooden type tables with holes cut in the top for bowls. The powder coated finish is easily wiped down, will not corrode or harbor dirt, mold and bacteria like wood often does when it gets wet.

Many swear that an elevated feeder is crucial for feeding a Great Dane or other deep chested giant breed. Knowingly, these breeds are susceptible to gastric dilation volvulus, (GDV bloat), and other digestive complications. To make things clear, there is no real evidence that feeding position, or cereal base foods for that matter, have a connection to bloat, however, many choose to feed from raised stations.

We've always fed our giant breeds, (and smaller), from a properly adjusted raised dog feeder, the kids just seem more comfortable and at ease while eating, perfect:)