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RAW Feeding Benefits for Your Dog

What are RAW feeding benefits and how does feeding RAW help my dog?

This article lists many of the RAW feeding benefits you can expect to see in your dog. I have personally witnessed some major improvements in the overall physical health of my dogs simply by feeding a RAW diet. If you should start a young puppy on RAW, many nagging health issues such as bad teeth, dry coat and allergies may never manifest in the first place! With a RAW diet you have chosen the best food to keep your dog healthy and free from illness!

Lets begin with:

  • • Fewer illnesses due to strengthened immune system.
TIP: Just like in humans, the digestive system regulates and is 80% of the immune system!
  • • Faster recovery from illnesses and surgery.
  • • More even energy levels for activities.
  • • An overall healthier, happier dog with a playful disposition.
  • • Financial savings and less stress from fewer visits to the Vet.
  • • Less risk of being exposed to canine allergens.
  • • Less risk of feeding contaminated and tainted food (like those petfood recalls!).
  • • No need to buy expensive supplements.
  • • Less risk of bloat!
  • • Naturally clean smelling dog (no dog's breath, no distinctive doggie odor).
  • •No more chemical products designed for health coat or skin issues.
  • •Comfort in knowing your dog gets good quality food - not binders, grains and by-products.

Physiological RAW Feeding Benefits

Teeth & Gums:

Your Great Dane will benefit from the bone mass of a raw dog diet. The crunchy bones will help prevent tartar and plaque build up. Get ready for beautifully clean teeth and sweet dog kisses.

Skin and Coat:

Is likely to be the first change you notice when you begin feeding BARF. Suddenly those nagging skin problems improve, no medicines, creams or sprays!

The immune system:

Will strengthen and improve simply by providing your dog with its natural food. The BARF raw dog diet provides a good balance of fatty acids (omega's), and many other nutrients that strengthen the immune system.

Pet waste - poop:

Eating bones helps to create a firmer stool, this will help the anal sacs to empty naturally, no more smelly rear-end, "nice"! Stool size will be much smaller also as the raw foods are used by your Danes body, not just passed through unused and eliminated. Less pet gas is an added benefit of a raw dog diet, along with fewer digestive difficulties.


After feeding RAW for a couple of months you may notice increased activity and energy in your Dane. This holds true for senior dogs as well, quite often, a raw diet can re-energize an arthritic K9.

Body Mass:

Feeding your Great Dane BARF will assure solid muscle mass and help reduce body fat. Your Dane will look impressive and chiseled. Don't blame me if you are overwhelmed with inspired visitors, awestruck by your muscular, shining Dane.


No more energy spikes due to unknown chemicals, sugars and other preservatives used in commercial brand kibble. Your Dane will have a more even temperament.

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RAW feeding benefits will amaze you. Once you begin a RAW diet give it about a month and I promise, you'll see some pretty significant changes in your dog! Oh and the tiny stool that is firm and easy to pick up.. That's an added bonus for us Dane lovers:)