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Planning to register your dog with the AKC or CKC?

We're here to help register your dog with the AKC & CKC registration including things you'll need from the breeder and required paperwork.

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AKC - CKC registration, and your new puppy.

If you're buying a purebred puppy that is eligible for registration with the American Kennel Club (AKC), or Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), the seller should provide an application with your puppy. You will be able to register your dog with this application through the mail or on-line.

Beware! The Canadian Kennel Club shares the same abbreviation with the "Continental Kennel Club"! They're both referred to as "CKC"! If you are buying a puppy in the US and it is advertised as "CKC", this is most likely the club where the litter is registered. The Continental Kennel Club is an open registry that recognizes mixed breeds and multiple breed standards for the purpose of breeding. If your breeder lists a puppy as "CKC purebred", make it a point to find out which "CKC" they are referring to.

AKC and CKC papers provide proof of your dog's status as purebred. If you don't plan to register the puppy now, hold on to the paperwork. There are many offers, events, and programs made available by the AKC and CKC that you may want to take advantage of in the future. To participate in club sponsored events, insurance programs, and additional services, your dog must be registered by the respective organization. Keep in mind, the opportunity to register your dog with the AKC will expire when the dog is 12-months old, late fees will apply to older dogs. Registration of a CKC purebred is either completed prior to sale, or within 6-months from the date of sale or transfer.

In the event that registration paper work is not available at the time of sale, request in writing the following information with seller's signature;


  • Breed name and description
  • Registered names and numbers of both the Sire and Dam
  • Date whelped (D.O.B.)
  • Breeder and/or Kennel name
  • The AKC or CKC litter number


The litter must be registered by the breeder before your new pup is eligible for registration. Watch for AKC puppies with limited registration! Dogs with limited registrations if bred, will produce litters that cannot be registered. There are additional limitations involving breed-specific dog shows and showing. Use a bit of caution and ask for the AKC/CKC papers up front. Worst case, get the above information in writing, signed by the seller. Don't take some one's word alone, insist on proper identification, consider another breeder if they are uncooperative.