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Your Great Dane Homepage Feature

Your Great Dane dog could be our next Homepage featured Dane! Learn how here..

Blue Great Dane lying on sand at a beach.

Introduce Your Great Dane on Our Homepage

As part of our recent mobile friendly website re launch, we thought it would be a great idea to keep our Homepage fun and fresh by featuring your favorite dog. Here's an opportunity to introduce your best friend with thousands of Great Dane enthusiasts every day who visit from all corners of the globe. You can share the love and joy of your Dane, or Danes if you're so lucky and even include a story or two and additional info.

Harlequin Great Dane dog playing in water.

Its been 10-years since first went online back in 2005 to share our love for the breed and pay forward practical first hand info. We hope you love the layout of our new mobile friendly website.

If you'd like your Great Dane to greet our site visitors on the Homepage, plus have a page here to share your love, we invite you to send photos and info.

IMPORTANT: Use our site's Contact Us Form to begin your submission. Don't include any files yet, you'll receive an email address on our form submission "Thank You" page in which you can send your files directly.

Suggestions For Submitting Images:

  • •  We need high resolution images to render nicely on our new website.
  • •  Minimum image size should be 1,600 x 1,200 pixels but larger is OK if you have a higher resolution camera.
  • •  You may send image files separately if combined file size is too large for your mail server.
  • •  Images that feature your Great Dane in a wider, landscape oriented photo work better than tall images.

Suggestions For Submitting Bio Info & Stories:

  • •  Please provide us with some info that has a little meat to it so we may build an entertaining page for our visitors.
  • •  We suggest 400 to 500 words as this will allow us to surround your great photos with some interesting content.
  • •  As per our policy and unless specifically requested in writing, personal information will be removed as deemed appropriate for the privacy of all.

Thank you for your interest in featuring your Great Dane on Homepage. Again, please use our Contact Us Form to get started and follow up by sending files to the email address provided on the form submission "Thank You" page.

Thanks everyone,
Jeff & the jZ Canine gang.